How to replace a plasterboard partition

Before replacing partitions, it is necessary to coordinate these works with housing authorities. It is unlikely that it will be possible to determine for yourself whether the changes you are making affect the construction of the house, and unauthorized construction may result in a fine. Of course, we are talking exclusively about replacing the supporting structures that are sheathed with plasterboard, in case you just change the sheets on the partitions, you don’t need to know anyone about this.
Replacement of partitions can be made full or partial. Partial includes removing broken gypsum sheets and installing new ones, repairing or replacing other racks of the frame, laying more suitable filler between the walls (foam, mineral wool, or both). Full replacement requires the dismantling of the old and built new partition.
When building a plasterboard partition in a residential area, it is necessary to determine the frame material (wooden or metal), the number of gypsum plasterboard (to be installed in one layer or more), the material of the insulation layer (to serve as insulation, for sound insulation or combined).
The wooden frame is cheap and easy to manufacture, but it cannot be used in rooms with high humidity and ceiling heights above 2.5 meters. Usually, coniferous woods are used, with dimensions of 60x80 mm and are pre-treated with special impregnations.
The metal frame is reliable, strong, you can create walls of various configurations, but when you install it you should follow certain rules. When cutting a metal profile, it is necessary to use special scissors in order not to damage the protective zinc layer.
The connection of the frame elements with each other must be done with screws with full thread, which is cut to the cap. Mount the frame should be from the ceiling, pre-marking.
A guide profile with dimensions from PN 100 x 40 to Mon is used. 50 x 40, it is attached to the base with anchors.The dowel is fastened to the floor by a dowel with nails.
Vertical risers from the PS (rack profile) must be the same size as the carrier profile, they are installed in 60 cm steps. For the stability of the structure, you must add horizontal jumpers from the rack profile.
When the frame is ready, insulator sheets are put into it and stuck with glue to the profile, then gypsum plasterboard sheets of the GKLV or GKLVO brand (waterproof and fire-resistant) are mounted. They should be mounted in a vertical position.

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