How to remove the paint from the hair

Modern manufacturers of hair dye offer a huge amount of its shades. All paints are divided into three types - it is unstable, semi-resistant and resistant. Let's say we can choose a dye and dye our hair by using tips and personal experience. But how to wash the paint from the hair experts know. In the salons there are professional means for removing paint. Here, much depends on the quality and type of paint.


The composition of resistant paints include ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The action of these substances makes the hair softer, its scales open, and the dye molecules fall deep into the hair. The use of this type of paint should be treated with caution, because it will not be possible to remove the paint from the hair. How to wash this paint with hair? Yes, nothing. Of course, she will not remain forever. Over time, the color will fade, but most likely will not change. In this case, you can change the color or return to your native color only with the help of exactly the same means. Only here the consequences of frequent use of resistant paints are dull, brittle, depleted hair.Do I need such a "beauty"? Conclusion: before using resistant paint, think ten times if you really need this color and if you want something else in a couple of weeks. For weekly experiments with colors and shades, it is definitely not suitable.


Semi-resistant or toning paints, as a rule, contain a minimum of ammonia and oxidizing agents. The effect for the hair is sparing, but literally in three or four weeks there will be nothing left from the bright and saturated color. And the appearance of the hair will depend on the correctness of paint application, on the individual characteristics of the hair and, in fact, on the quality of the product itself. What is bad semi-resistant paint, so it is that after a while the hair color may change. After swimming in the sea, sunbathing and just washing your head, a dark blond color can become gray, and dark chestnut can turn red. Particularly unpredictable toning agents can lead to bleached hair. Worst of all, the paint can be absorbed so much that even a wash with a high content of ammonia will not help. And you just have to wait for hair regrowth to return to normal color.


To semi-resistant paints also include paints based on henna and basma. And in this case, the natural components of the paint are very thoroughly and for a long time eed into the hair structure, so it is not possible to wash off or paint over the red shade even with products with a large amount of ammonia.


Unstable paints are perhaps the most harmless way to "change yourself." The shading balm and shampoo are washed off almost after the first washing of the head, and the dyeing mousse, gel or foam are washed off in a week. Molecules of shading means do not penetrate the hair, but settle on its surface. But this tool has a drawback. It does not fall on dark hair. Such means are good for light hair. However, blondes should be very careful with tinged scum - the dye can fit tightly into bleached hair.


In general, whatever one may say, and means for dyeing hair is not nail polish, which, if anything, can be wiped off in a couple of minutes and experiment further. If you don’t like the result of self-coloring, either go and wait until the hair grows, or contact the salon and entrust the work on the errors to a specialist.It is possible, however, to test one grandmother's remedy at home - it certainly will not make it worse, at the same time you can also treat your hair. Our grandmothers used only natural means and knew how to remove the dye from the hair. How to wash the paint from the hair? With the help of honey! You need to make a honey mask. We'll have to suffer a little inconvenience, but it's worth it. We take honey, apply it to the hair evenly over the entire length and leave it on the hair for 10-12 hours. And in order not to smear everything around with honey, we dress a light kerchief. Just do not need to warm the head - otherwise the reaction slows down.

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