How to remove scrolling?

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How to remove scrolling?

The administrator, the designer and the creator of the site strive to make their work unique and inimitable, including so that the first-time visitor remembers not only the content, but also the appearance of the site. Sometimes you should remove the scroll bar from the site, which can, on the one hand, complicate the user's work, and on the other hand, on the contrary, give the page a solid, attractive look.

Consider a few blocks that usually consist of a site, and tell you how to carry out the planned operation in each of them.


How to disable scroll bars in frames? To control the presence of scroll bars in frames, you must use the scrolling special parameter. If it is set to Yes, then scrollbars are present in the image, even if the amount of information is small. With the No parameter, scrollbars are disabled.

New windows

How to remove scrolling in new windows? It is necessary to use not only the HTML language, it is also necessary to know JavaScript.In one of the parameters - - you can specify the following value: scrollbar = 0. As a result, there will be no horizontal scroll bar in the pop-up window.

There are several ways to remove horizontal scrolling. So, in most browsers in the menu there is a �Fit to width� option. The horizontal scroll bar will be disabled, and the text will scale accordingly.

Presented here are ways to work with scroll bars to help you easily and quickly solve the problem.

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