How to remove noise in Photoshop?

Leonid Veselov
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How to remove noise in Photoshop?

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How to remove noise in Photoshop?

Often, photos for which we have been preparing for a long time or, on the contrary, have been made spontaneously, trying to shoot something interesting, are not very high quality. Many of them have to be removed, but there are technical problems that can be fixed with the help of the well-known Photoshop program. This category of technical deficiencies may include digital "noise". So, we describe how to remove noise in Photoshop.

There are two standard filters for dealing with noise.

The first way is to use the filter "Dust & Scratches" ("Dust and Scratches"). In order to use it, open the standard photo in Photoshop. Click on the photo with the right mouse button. Choose "Open with", then click on Adobe Photoshop (the version that you have installed). Or, first open the program, and then select the "File", then - "Open" and select the desired photo. Next, find the menu "Filter" ("Filter"). There in the drop-down list, select "Noice" ("Noise") - "Dust & Scratches" ("Dust and scratches").You can adjust the filter settings yourself. The important setting is "radius". Too large a radius will blur the photo, so in order to get rid of the noise without erasing the photo, you need to find a balance.

The second way is to use the "Reduce Noise" filter. In the "Filter" menu, select "Noise" ("Noise"), and then - "Reduce Noise" ("Reduce noise"). With the help of this filter, adjust the image and stop at the option that you consider acceptable. In the video for the article there is a great tutorial on working with these filters.

You can combine the use of both filters.

These simple ways you can keep your impressions in a decent way. Do not forget that in a similar way you can handle photos that you find for any purpose on the Internet. After all, it often happens that the picture is well suited to the content for, say, student work, but it is difficult to use it because of the quality. And the functions of the Photoshop program make our life a little easier.

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