How to remove muscle pain in 90 seconds

First of all, find your pain point - the place of concentration of pain, the place from which the muscularpain. If the spasm struck several muscles, work on only one point during one session.
You can get rid of muscle spasm by shortening and relaxing them. You will achieve this if you fold (literally) above the pain point in such a way thatpaingone. Try different positions - you will definitely find the right one, nature itself will tell you what position to take.
Control movements: put your hand on the pain point and continue to fold (in other words, bend) until you feel thatpainsubsides. Do not be intimidated by awkward or strange poses. If this position gives you relief, use it, no matter how ridiculous it is.
Finding the right posture, stay in it for 90 seconds. This is the minimum if you feel that you needpainBetter time, stay in a healing posture and beyond. If your hand is still on the pain point, then you will literally feel how it goespain.
Now go back to the starting position, but do it as slowly as possible, otherwise all the work will go down the drain. Remember - very slowly.
From this point on, your goal is to constantly listen to your body, which always gives signals about what posture you now need. For example, after a long day at the office table, you instinctively try to bend your back.
Remember that you need to develop in the opposite direction to that which causespain. Use the described method 3 times a day every day for 2 weeks, until you feel thatpaindisappeared. IfpainDo not decrease, look for another pain point.
Note, the “Fold and hold” method does not exclude consulting with your doctor and fulfilling his prescriptions. Using the method does not imply increased pain, so stop immediately if you feel worse.
Helpful advice
To prevent pain, strengthen your muscles and posture, train your muscles and watch your back during the day. Do the simplest exercises for your back muscles: bending the torso backwards on your hands from the prone position and pulling the abdomen up while standing.

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