How to remove floor tiles

You will need
  • Gloves, respirator, goggles, perforator, chisel, hammer, knife, thick wire.
The process of removing the old floor tile will depend on how it was laid. Usually the tile is laid in two ways - on glue or on cement-sand mortar. If cement was used, you should immediately discard the idea of ​​preserving the integrity of the tile during dismantling. Adhesive laying method allows you to separate the tile from the floor surface without damage, but it is a painstaking process that requires accuracy and patience.
Dismantling begins with the release of interfacial joints from the trowel compound. If the seams are filled with cement mass, it is unlikely to be released. Regular grout is removed quite simply, pre-wetting the joints with water to soften it will help to ease this task. Then with a spatula or a thick steel wire, the joints between the tiles are freed from grouting.
Having thus freed all the tiles,You can begin the process of their removal. Slightly tapping with a hammer on the surface will help determine whether voids are between the tile and the floor. In the direction of this place a chisel is sent and with the help of gentle blows of a hammer on it is driven under the tile. This method provides the most gentle removal of old tiles. If she still retains an acceptable appearance, it is quite possible to use it as a flooring in another place, for example, in the country or in the garage.
floor tile removal
Remove floor tiles laid on cement mortar, you can only with the help of tools such as a perforator or a bump. In the absence of these devices, a hammer and chisel will do, but the process will become more laborious and take a long time. The punch or chisel should not fall into the tile itself, but at some distance from it. Then the tile is “hooked” as it were from below and is separated from the base.
If the removal is not the entire tile covering, but only individual parts for replacement or repair, then the work should be carried out with special care and accuracy. Through holes are drilled in the tile, freed from the trowel joints, for easier separation of the tile from the adhesive mass or cement mortar. Then the tile is carefully removed not in its entirety, but in small pieces.
removing individual tiles
Whatever the method of removing the tile from the floor surface, all precautions should be taken to avoid injury during operation. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from small fragments that may form during dismantling, and thick gloves will protect your hands. A respirator will also not be superfluous - fine dust, trapped in the lungs, will bring many problems.

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