How to remove ants from home and garden

Garden ants are somewhat different from domestic. Some species of domestic ants can reach large sizes and even become volatile.

How to get home ants

The most effective way is to treat insect accumulation sites with a special gel, for example, the “Great Warrior”. Put means on a plinth or a cardboard on places of movement of ants. This gel has a sweet taste and insects take it all over the anthill and die.

Among popular methods, the sprinkling of millet grains in places of ants accumulation is especially notable. In the people it is believed that they do not tolerate the smell and taste of this cereal. You can also sprinkle soda and the ants will disappear. But these means of fighting insects are not always effective.

How to get garden ants

Garden ants harm all that grows in your garden. On shrubs and fruit trees, they take away aphids, which entangles the leaves and causes the death of the plant. Vegetable crops, these insects destroy from the very root and do not allow normal development.As a rule, they are widespread on sandy and sandy soils.

Ideally, an anti-insect gel is also ideal for controlling these pests. To use it, prepare a few cartons, apply a gel on them and place them near the anthill and on the paths of the ants. Be sure to cover with something so that the rain does not wash away the product. In addition to the gel, you can use a dry chemical powder, such as "Anteater". Make the right choice in favor of one of the drugs - the prerogative of the gardener himself.

You can also use the same tools as for household ants, including millet grains and soda.

Well, the most harmless way for your garden is daily watering of an anthill with boiling water. But of course, it requires a lot of time and effort.

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