How to remove a torrent?

Alexander Yakimov
Alexander Yakimov
September 23, 2014
How to remove a torrent?

The benefit of torrents for ordinary Internet users is invaluable. With the removal of the downloaded files and the client program itself, there may be some difficulties. Files can be re-added to the download queue, and the incorrectly deleted torrent client will load the system with left entries in the registry. However, completely remove it from the computer is easy. To do this, just use a number of simple instructions.

Remove downloaded

The principle of work of torrents is that movies, games and other files downloaded with their help remain on hand for other users. If after you want to remove some of them from the hard disk, you should not do it in the usual way (in the file manager).

The torrent client will think that the files have not been downloaded and will begin to correct this error. It is necessary to completely remove both the file and the task in the program. Most customers have this feature. For example, in uTorrente this is done like this:

  1. open all tasks (main program window);
  2. we hover over the file we do not need;
  3. click the right mouse button;
  4. hover the mouse over the item "Delete ...";
  5. Select the line "Delete torrent file and downloaded data."

Now both the task and the data from the hard drive have disappeared. In other clients, this is done similarly.

Remove the torrent client

Getting rid of the program itself is also not difficult. For this, it is better to use a special utility for removal, for example:

  1. run the utility;
  2. select the installed torrent client in the list;
  3. click on the button "Delete in 1 click";
  4. Your questions are answered "OK".

Some clients also leave backup files with download tasks. They are also recommended to find on the computer and delete. Usually they are stored in the folder that is installed by default in the browser for downloads.

Identify them easily, since they have the same resolution (.torrent). If you erase the torrent client with standard Windows tools, you will have to additionally clean the registry.

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