How to quickly learn to speak correctly and correctly

Speech - part of the image of man. According to statistics, speech accounts for 25% of the impression of a person. The interlocutor pays more attention to literacy and the beauty of speech, diction and voice. Let's talk about how to learn to speak beautifully and competently in Russian and in English.

Even if you have to communicate only with family members and neighbors, a good speech is useful in life. Communicating with you, people will listen to the opinion and find an excellent conversationalist.

Competent conversation will help in your career, increase the level of importance in the eyes of colleagues and ensure respect. Correct, beautiful and competent speech will help to speak at meetings, conferences and other events.

The skills of competent speech should be owned by a person who occupies a management position or claims to it. The head is the face of the company, and only with the help of a competent speech can he conclude contracts, find partners and lead a team. Poor lexicon delivers a lot of trouble at the wrong time.

Step-by-step action plan

Consider the time-tested algorithm, using which at home quickly master the art of literate speech. Reaching certain heights, share knowledge and experience with loved ones. Such skills do not interfere.

  • Reading. If you strive to master the technique of correct conversation, read daily. Best suited classic, considered a model of artistic speech. Reading the literature, enrich it, expand the vocabulary, learn how to briefly and clearly spell, correctly construct sentences.
  • Study of synonyms. If you don’t know what to do when it's boring, learn synonyms. With their help, diversify speech. Using synonyms, you will be less likely to use the words parasites, interjections and bundles that make the conversation unintelligible and inexpressive, which annoys the interlocutor.
  • Learn new words. Do not use words whose meaning is unknown. To expand your vocabulary, use explanatory dictionaries and reference books. Remember the correct stress in each word.
  • Increase the duration of the conversation.If the interlocutor is not near, turn on the TV and adjust to the speaker's speech.Speak out loud to achieve the effect. Through this exercise, expand the vocabulary that will form even speech using correct intonation pauses.
  • Eliminate the word parasites. We are talking about words and phrases that do not carry the semantic load and do not give what was said to any information.
  • Retell movies and books. Surely watched New Year's movies. If you have free time, retell one of your favorite films. Be sure to track the reaction of listeners and try to interest them. Only connectedness of speech paired with the absence of long pauses will bring results.
  • Do the exercises. A simple exercise will help to develop the ability to speak beautifully and correctly. For five minutes, talk about something literary language. Over time, increase the duration of the exercise, and change the items of conversation. As a result, you will feel easy during a conversation of any subject.
  • Eliminate obscene words. In no case do not use obscene and slang words, scientific terms and sample phrases.Trying to diversify speech with their help, only do harm.
  • Learn to build sentences. For a competent speech one vocabulary is not enough. To improve the skill to the words select the definition.
  • Train in front of the mirror. To make your speech perfect, exercise daily in front of a mirror. It will help control facial expressions and gestures. Talk to yourself on any topic - health, weather or an event.
Video Tips

With this algorithm, learn to speak beautifully and competently in Russian or in English at home. As a result, the interlocutors will consider you an educated and intelligent person. Speaking correctly and beautifully, you will achieve success in life.

Learn to speak Russian correctly and correctly

Russian language is difficult. It is not surprising that even the media is not easy to master the correct and beautiful speech. Fortunately, there are no unattainable goals, just set a goal.

Useful tips that I present are simple. Contrary to this, they will help to master the Russian language perfectly.

  1. Books. Read electronic and traditional books more often. Ideally, people who read a lot of literature, including masterpieces of classics, modern fiction and encyclopedias, speak Russian.
  2. Reading. Helps to improve writing literacy. Constantly reading, improve writing skills. Do not forget about audiobooks, listening to which will help to replenish vocabulary, to get a lot of new information about the features of the Russian language.
  3. Communication with people. Connect with a lot of people. It is not necessary to meet with them, call or communicate via the Internet. So hone your skills in Russian.
  4. Exception of obscene speech. As rarely as possible, use in the conversation curses, patterned expressions and words-parasites. Replace verbal “garbage” with a beautiful literary speech. Such an approach will help you become better.
  5. Stay right sentences. Pay attention to the development of skills for the proper construction of proposals. Aim for the interlocutors to understand you. During a conversation, replace with synonyms words that are often repeated.
  6. Find a buddy. I recommend to find the interlocutor, the colloquial speech of which causes delight. Communicating with such a person, you will learn a number of secrets with which he brought his speech skills to a new level. Participating in verbal battles, discussions and conversations, get experience.
  7. Do yourself creative work. By writing poems, slogans, stories and miniatures, you will develop communication skills and thinking skills. Periodically return to the finished works, to polish, bring to perfection.
  8. Think before thinking. Over time, the procedure will take less time. Weigh every word, since your task is to master the technique in a unique, competent and effective way to express thoughts in a certain situation. For each interlocutor, consider an individual approach.
  9. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Concentrate on action. It is better to err than do nothing. Analyze speech slips. This will help record the conversation on the recorder. Then listen to it using the player. As a result, do not step on a rake twice.

Video instructions

If you don’t like learning by yourself, sign up for a group of public speaking courses. Being engaged in a group, quickly polished speech, which will be a matter of pride.

Speak English properly

The English language is pushing the boundaries of the picture of the world, but the school method of teaching does not give the desired result.She intimidates by the level of complexity and does not give the knowledge necessary for a conversation with a foreigner.

Learning English literate language is easier than learning spelling. The main thing is to remember the pronunciation of words and learn how to make sentences.

English skills

First of all, I will highlight the main character traits that will be needed to successfully achieve the goal. Then we will consider effective techniques and ways of learning English.

  • Regularity. Only a serious approach will bring results. Exercise regularly to expand your vocabulary and combinations, without forgetting the material studied.
  • Honesty. Not every person boasts a penchant for self-study. If you doubt that it will be possible to independently organize training, use the services of a tutor. With it, quickly master the English language at home.
  • Agility. Character trait required to achieve the goal. Learning to speak English is not easy. We'll have to learn the words, memorize the translation, properly use in sentences. What to say about pronunciation. This will help audiobooks and the Internet.
  • Motivation. Remember, even a person without positive characteristics can succeed. Enough desire, which eclipses the negative qualities, because the thirsty person will easily cross the obstacle for the sake of the goal. Even laziness does not hurt.
  • Self-monitoring. To make learning effective, control yourself and objectively evaluate the results. Only you are able to determine when to repeat the material, and when to move on.

Where to start studying

  • Think English. Combine the original with the translation. It is not easy to do, but with due effort the result will not be delayed.
  • Immerse yourself in the English-speaking atmosphere. To master the English language in the city, find several conversational clubs that hold meetings. If you can not enroll in courses, do not worry. You can acquire knowledge without investment.
  • Speak more often in English. It doesn't matter who your interlocutor is - a cat, a mother or a close friend. Do not be afraid of mistakes.
  • Sign up for Facebook. Written communication with foreigners will help sharpen literacy, and video calls will improve conversation.
  • Watch movies and read books in original. Be sure to watch movies and quickly read books in English. The main thing is not to use translations and subtitles. At first, this approach will seem meaningless, but over time you will notice that it is effective.
  • Visit an English speaking country. It is great if you can visit the English-speaking state for a few weeks. There is plenty of talk with native speakers, visiting shops, exhibitions and museums.

In none of the above points I have ever mentioned the need to possess certain talents in relation to this language. This proves that, if desired, everyone will learn English.

Why do you need to speak correctly and correctly?

If you learn to communicate a thought correctly, correctly and beautifully, you will always be heard, regardless of the volume of your voice. This truth is proved by ancient Greek sophists who were engaged in teaching.

Speech courses offer a range of topics for training in this direction. Classes conducted by masters of oratory, help listeners who want to achieve a great goal in life, to learn the wisdom of a correct speech.

Regardless of the profession, an archeologist, a policeman or a salesman will improve their speaking skills. Even a shop assistant working in a store cannot do without correct diction and persuasion.

Politicians with the help of eloquence convince the public and prove the correctness. The ability to speak beautifully is important for media representatives. Every journalist has to communicate with people while working. From how competently and clearly he will formulate the question, the sincerity of the answer depends.

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Summing up the article, I note that the art of eloquence brings unimaginable benefits. The language is beautiful and rich, so support its beauty with a competent speech, regardless of where we are, in public transport, in a museum or on the street.

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