How to put linux on a PDA

You will need
  • -computer with internet access;
  • - Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager software;
  • - data cable;
  • -installation file of Linux OS;
  • - multimedia card.
Purchase a special multimedia memory card in the company store of the supplier of your computer or order it through the Internet. Remove the protective cover from the back of yourPDA. Remove the battery and insert the multimedia card. Insert the battery. Replace the protective cover of the device. Turn it on.
Save all your files, media, videos and music on a multimedia card. Installing a Linux system on a device can destroy all your data. Sequentially select all the files you want to save, and click the "Options" button. In the menu, select "Save to multimedia card."
Download Palm Desktop software and HotSync Manager. The first application allows you to download the latest version of the system and properly install it on your PDA. The second is necessary to properly synchronize the device, to prevent the loss of important system device files. Save files to your home computer desktop.Launch Palm Desktop and follow the installation instructions.
Download the installation file for your Linux operating system and also save it to your desktop. Reboot the computer. Connect one end of the data cable to your pocket computer. Connect the other end of the cable to the USB port of a desktop or laptop computer.
Run the HotSync Manager program. Press the "Options" button. Follow the further instructions of the application. Run the Linux installation file. Click on the "Sync" button. Wait for the synchronization to take place.
Unplug the data cable. Now select the "Garux" file that appears in your applications menu. Wait until the system is installed on your home computer. Press and hold the power button of your device. Wait 30 seconds after turning it off to turn it on again. The system is installed and ready to go!

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