How to prolong youth

Let us turn to the classification of ages, which was recently revised by the World Health Organization. The average age now officially ends at 59 years, and only at 60 begins the old, and old age and does come at 74 years. Why such changes? There are objective reasons, they are known to all. This is an improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases, more effective methods of prevention, the accumulation of knowledge about what to eat and how to move to delay the onset of old age.

We know the truths that are immutable and proven in randomized clinical trials: we need to monitor blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, eat consciously, moderately and reasonably, engage in feasible physical exertion, little by little, but regularly. It is necessary to try to be happy, to avoid strong sorrows and stresses. And voila: if old age comes, it is not very soon.

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There is one more, less obvious reason - a change in the psychology of people, a collective metamorphosis of ideas about how to live.Today, it is increasingly possible to meet a 40-year-old woman, whose age is difficult to determine at first glance. And cosmetologists have nothing to do with it, just an active lifestyle in combination with kediki and jeans are confusing, do not allow others to use the usual patterns for determining age. We live in a blessed time when everything is normal: “look for yourself” at the age of 30, to become parents for the first time at 45, to find your true love at the other end of the world at 50, for the first time to do yoga at 60, to become a popular yoga instructor at 65 and in 70 - and the blogger. It sounds optimistic, does not it?

Especially when you look at the problem through the prism of social networks, where 50-year-old women with a teenager’s body are the norm. It seems that the future has come and we will never die, but will live happily ever after

But we forget about the fact that there is an inexorable genetics. Cardiologists and neuroscientists call this stern aunt the “unmodifiable risk factors” of strokes and heart attacks, that is, the very diseases that most people die of. Translated into simple human language, heredity is a reality that cannot be changed, no matter how hard we try.Yes, this means that someone will be unlucky with the genes so much that atherosclerosis will overtake his vessels in 30 years, and at 35 there will be a first heart attack.

Appearance is also partly determined by heredity. Genes encode the nuances of the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin, which ensure its young and elastic look. Hormonal background, testosterone and gestagen levels are another key to beauty, which is also recorded in the genetic code and predetermined. And if women have a certain field for maneuver since oral contraceptives appeared, men, alas, do not have such a loophole.

How to prolong youth

Someone in the family is written to have dry skin: they are probably lucky enough to avoid teenage acne, but mimic wrinkles will begin to form immediately after 25, and the beautician will repeat the need to moisturize the skin and hide from the sun so that it does not start the photoaging program. And someone, on the contrary, will become the lucky owner of oily skin: will try (unsuccessfully) all mattifying and anti-inflammatory cosmetics, get a beautician with his incurable acne or enlarged pores, curse the summer for the fact that the skin shines within five minutes after washing.However, the owners of such skin are destined to age more slowly, because wrinkles appear later.

So do we have the prospect of having fun to travel to our 85s, laughing at advertising candles for hemorrhoids and pills for erectile dysfunction? In theory, everything is fine, and when you read optimistic articles in social networks at 30, life seems endless, and health is an inexhaustible resource. The generation of 30-year-olds is actively involved in sports. And she also uses smartphone apps that count steps, follow the depth of sleep, help not to engage in procrastination on the Internet, and look for vegetarian tasty recipes. Today's 30-year-olds are greedy for new experiences, they like to learn. And I believe that most of them have every chance to live to the active eighty.

The author of the popular article convinces us: those who are now 50–55 years old can also happily run towards happy days that will last up to about 80. However, it seems to me that this kind person did not take to the streets for a long time, was not in public health centers of our country and did not look around in the supermarket next door.

In instragem unfolds a parallel reality in which the ever young pensioner Gianluca Vakki dances with his beautiful wife next to the boundless pool near the luxurious house, and his tanned tattoed sides without a gram of fat tissue shimmer under the dazzling rays of the Italian sun

In the real world, people (I'm talking about our compatriots) restrict their entertainment to visiting a local doctor in order to shake out the direction to the "dropper for blood vessels" and watch Russian TV shows on TV.

The reasons, I think, are clear: the average income per person in 2016 is 30 thousand rubles. For older people, the statistics are even sadder: the average pension was about 12 thousand. The lack of financial opportunities to meet basic needs, not to mention entertainment, quickly deprives a person of the ability to enjoy life and to strive for something. It turns out a vicious circle: no money - no motivation. No motivation - there will be no new education, new beginnings and new sources of earnings. To break out of this circle is possible only by strong-willed effort.But with will in such a situation it’s usually a disaster: the limitation of financial possibilities limits thinking, and the idea of ​​changing something for the better seems crazy.

The average age of today's 55-year-olds came at 20, together with marriage and the birth of children of the moment, against the background of battles with the mother-in-law or mother-in-law on the theme of raising offspring and the inglorious death of happy hopes in the common kitchen. Older these people began to consider themselves at about 35: for 15 years now they have been going to the same job, nothing has changed in life, and all hope that at least the children will be able to get a good education, make an interesting career, find worthy partner. Well, at 55, a well-deserved old age finally came: you can quit hateful work and calmly alternate trips to the country with a local doctor’s appointment for the purpose of massaging and health, happily degrading at the TV and waiting in line for utility bills.

How to prolong youth

Where does experience, health, freedom, and happiness come from after fifty, if up to fifty, life dragged on like jelly in the dining room of the sovdepov sanatorium? Towards a happy old age to escape from boring maturity, where there was no concern for their health, no hobbies, no interesting work?

A ticket to a happy old age is curiosity and openness to everything new. It is greed for new impressions and the absence of fear of new ones that help the brain stay young. The brain is not covered with wrinkles, and the more neural connections it creates, which are created by experiencing new experiences and impressions, the richer and more interesting life is and the more full we feel it.

Any person, regardless of age, has a chance for a happy old age. However, this will have to work: to search for what brings joy, and what will develop the brain, and immediately start doing it.

I remember the story of an elderly woman who, like hundreds of other elderly women with back pain, received a doctor's recommendation to practice yoga. And, unlike hundreds of other older women, she didn’t groan and gasp on how difficult it is to give yourself even a little exercise at such an old age, didn’t start looking for thousands of reasons not to do it, didn’t want to require a doctor to stop meaningless teachings, I wanted to demand referral to an IV or hospital. She just took up yoga.And in a few years, she became a star of social networks, because the public loves the stories of magical transformation. This elderly woman left the deformity of the thoracic spine, which was the cause of the ugly hump. A smile appeared on his face, and his eyes surprise with vivacity: still a meaningful look at the threshold of the 90th anniversary is not an especially frequent story.

Our old age creates genetics and the environment. Alas, we cannot influence our genotype. Changing the environment is also not easy, although it is possible. But there remains an effective lever that allows you to make life not only longer, but also happier. Making choices in favor of a new experience that forces intellect and muscles to work, we make old age retreat.

The brain remains young as long as the person has interests, goals, and aspirations. Even if it is a simple desire of the elderly person to make a short trip to one of the cities of the Golden Ring or learn crochet. New experience makes the brain "move". Different areas of activity will help maintain cognitive and motor functions to a very old age. Those who are not in a hurry to retire, but continue to engage in intellectual work, keep the clarity of mind to advanced years.

Youth and health are not issued by default, as the author of a popular article tries to convince us. These benefits do not dislodge from the district doctor - massage and injections vitaminnchikov in the ass here is also not particularly help. Quality and longevity will have to mine. And this is a difficult job that will require a strong will and getting rid of patterned thinking.

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