How to play guitar songs

Every young man just dreams of learning how to play the guitar. You can consider the option of attending music school. But it is a long process. Not everyone will be able to do so much rather tedious business. Education will begin with the study of musical notations, scales, etc. In a word - tin. Yes, and music schools are not everywhere. And in learning to play the guitar at home has its advantages. You can do when there is time or desire, There is no mandatory program. Do not like the song - learn another. There is no need to monotonously study "smart" books on the history of music and the like.


Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments. Learning to play it is not difficult. If you have a musical ear and a sense of rhythm, then problems should arise. And most importantly - it's perseverance. If you possess all the above advantages, you will very soon be able to show your friends and acquaintances how to play songs on the guitar. In the version with the music school, the first improvised concert will take place no earlier than six months later.At home, you will quickly learn how to play popular songs on the guitar, and at school you can only figure out where the note is written on paper and how it sounds.

Even Johnny Depp plays guitar


So, learn to play the guitar. First, select a song and learn the words. Then on the Internet, find the chords for this song and learn them. It is necessary to figure out how this or that consonance is taken. Such information is plentiful in the world wide web. And start methodically rehearsing a song piece by piece. Remember the saying “Repetition is the mother of learning”? In this situation, it is quite appropriate. It is necessary to ensure that the fingers automatically become on the necessary frets and strings without peeping. Then try to gradually increase the pace of performance, until you achieve the necessary speed. This is the only way to learn how to play guitar songs.


In a home environment, you can learn how to play guitar songs faster. This is due not only to the opportunity to study at a convenient time, but also with a psychological attitude. No wonder they say "home and walls help." So gradually you can learn how to play the guitar on several chords and transitions.


After you manage to learn a few simple songs with a small number of the most common chords, proceed to more complex compositions. The technique is absolutely identical. Slowly, slowly. Over time, it will get better and better. The main thing is not to stop there, and always strive for more. The time will come and difficult romances and high-speed transitions, like those of famous rock musicians.


How to learn to play guitar, we sorted it out.

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