How to plant gloxinia seeds

You will need
  • - Gloxinia seeds;
  • - ground;
  • - tanks for seedlings;
  • - lighting lamp;
  • - water.
Purchase gloxinia seeds in the store or get them from your plant. To do this, gently shake the flowers in the morning to pollination occurred. You can use a cotton swab by transferring pollen from a flower to a flower with this tool.
If everything worked out, then after a few days, a seed box forms at the place of the faded bud. Let her ripen. This usually occurs within 6-8 weeks. Once the box opens, cut it with a small part of the stem, put it on a saucer or in a glass. When the seeds are ripe, they will begin to sleep in a saucer.
Prepare a suitable substrate. To do this, take one part of the sand, peat and sod land. You can buy a ready organic substrate. Treat the soil before sowing gloxinia seeds. Put it in the freezer for a day or 15 minutes in a microwave, turning it on at full capacity.Before planting, store the ground in the room so that it will acquire the desired temperature.
Pour the soil into a suitable container. Spill it with warm boiled water, lightly tap it with your palm so that little gloxinia seeds do not fall inside. Scatter them on the soil surface. Cover with a film or glass so that the moisture does not evaporate. Put the cuvette in a bright warm place. For this, a sunny window sill and a floral shelving with lighting are suitable. In the latter case, place the containers directly under the lamps.
Some seeds will germinate in a week, while for others this process can take 1.5 months. As the soil dries, moisten it gently with a spray bottle. Provide the plants with a 12–14 hour day light, completing them.
As soon as the sprouts have 2 true leaves, transplant them into a common container, keeping the distance between the plants 2x2 cm. Usually they do this when the seedlings are a month old. First moisten the ground with an atomizer, dive after 2-3 hours.
For all the time of growth, gloxinia seedlings need to be replanted 3-4 times. Make a second pick-up 20 days after the first, giving the plants more food area.Replant them also in one container, but less often. Smash the largest plants into individual 100-gram cups. In mid-May, they can be planted in a flower garden in the country or continue growing at home.
When the plants are 65-67 days old, transplant them into separate small pots. After that, you will wait for the flowering of your wards, which will come very soon.

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