How to paint eggs for Easter is unusual and original

In the spring, the greatest, brightest and brightest religious holiday is the Resurrection of Christ. The whole Christian world is thoroughly preparing for a significant event. Fruitful work is in full swing in every house: housewives knead dough for lush, sweet cakes, bake gingerbread figurines, make delicious Easter curd with fruit candied fruits and figure out how to paint eggs for Easter so that they look bright and extraordinary.


How to paint eggs for Easter correctly

Since painting eggs for Easter has always been a tradition, some simple rules have been worked out for this process:

  • only women are allowed to decorate Easter eggs;
  • painting eggs should be practiced in the evening or at night and be sure to read the prayer;
  • colors and patterns should carry a certain symbolism.

Today, all these criteria are not obligatory for execution and the tradition to paint eggs, rather, is purely decorative in nature and bears in itself a mere tribute to the ancient rituals of ancestors.


What colors do eggs paint on Easter and why

Today, almost no one thinks about what colors to paint eggs for Easter. The majority of people simply buy special holiday kits with food dyes in the supermarket or use special stickers made from thermofilm, which is printed or printed.

However, initially in ancient times, Easter eggs were painted only in bright red. He symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ and his miraculous rebirth to eternal, divine life. A little later, the palette of colors was expanded and the following positions were entered into it:

  • green- personifies bright hope associated with the spring and the awakening of nature. As a natural pigment, providing a thick green color, use the leaves of fresh spinach or young nettle;
  • brown- symbolizes fertile, productive land and well-being. To obtain this color, eggs are placed in tightly brewed black tea, coffee or a decoction of dried onion peel;
  • yellow- attracts wealth, financial well-being and stability, protects the home from dark spirits and entities,drives away ailments and ailments. Eggs are dyed with this color using a decoction of celery seeds or strong infusion of birch leaves;
  • blue- is the color of the Mother of God. He rescues a person from sinful passions and helps to calm a restless soul. To achieve this beautiful shade, red cabbage leaves are boiled in hot water for 30 minutes, and then eggs are boiled there;
  • Orange- refers to the bright, joyful tones and is responsible for optimism, fun and good mood. To give the eggshell this rich, catchy tone helps the eastern spice of turmeric.


Varieties of Easter Eggs

  • Krashenki- The easiest version of the Easter decor, in which the entire surface of the egg is covered in one tone.
  • Malyanka- These are eggs painted with acrylics or watercolors. The name was derived from the word "male". Paint them only hot, otherwise the paint will spread and will not have time to dry.
  • Drapanka or shkrybanki- got their name from the word "scratch". To create this effect, choose brown chicken eggs with a strong, strong shell.They are boiled, and then, after drying, with a sharply sharpened object, for example, with a thick needle, knife or awl, the desired pattern or ornament is carefully applied.
  • Easter Eggs- The most beautiful of all variants of Easter eggs. They are painted and craftsmen, and professional artists. For the plot choose all sorts of geometric shapes, various symbols, images of animals and birds. Such eggs are not only eaten, but are also given to each other as talismans or talismans. If desired, they are additionally decorated with beads, small and large beads, ribbons and other interesting accessories.


How to paint eggs: recipes and showy ideas

The easiest way to paint eggs is to boil them in a strong broth of onion peel. It is harvested immediately after Christmas and stored in a dry, warm place. On Maundy Thursday, completely dried peels are poured with boiling water and infused for an hour. Then they put eggs there and boil them for about 10 minutes on medium heat. Ready Krashenki, depending on the concentration of onions, become soft brown or juicy brick shade.

  1. So that graceful, thin strips appear on the shell,on the egg in a chaotic manner, they put on some thin elastic bands for money or they wrap it with ordinary sewing threads and then put it in a dye. Krashenka, made in this way, looks very attractive and unusual.
  2. To obtain the effect of marble stains on the shell, vegetable oil is added to any dye, and then an egg is dipped into the mixture. If you want the borders of the drawing to be tougher and clearer, you need to loosely wrap the egg in food foil and boil it in boiling paint.
  3. The colorful, intricate pattern in the form of small stars is also easy to achieve. To do this, grains of rice or other cereals (oats, millet, wheat, buckwheat, etc.) are poured into gauze or nylon stocking, an egg is placed there, tightly tied and boiled in this form in a tinged solution.


How to paint eggs for Easter: original ideas and meaning of drawings and ornaments

  • Nature and plants: oak leaves - a symbol of strength and confidence, flowers - grace and Christian love, pine - health and well-being, berries - fertility and motherhood.
  • Church- the cross is a symbol of the whole universe, the faces of the saints are the fond memory of their great deeds, the initials of Jesus are a sign of reverence for the Savior, who accepted the suffering of the cross for the sins of humanity.
  • Geometric- circle - a symbol of protection from evil spells, square - stability, wholeness, luck. According to ancient tradition, such eggs are given to the closest people as talismans and amulets from the evil eye, evil spell and sinful temptations.
  • Animals- give the person all the strongest qualities of the depicted beast and protect livestock from disease.
  • Birds- give the owner peace and peace of mind. The dove, depicted on an egg, symbolizes the Holy Spirit and blesses on good deeds.
  • The sun- Easter eggs decorated with a sun disk or simply with rays protect from diseases and neutralize negative energy.


You can endlessly fantasize how to paint eggs for Easter. This ritual allows for the full program to express their imagination, extraordinary thinking and original creative abilities.

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