How to paint Easter eggs?

Easter eggs are a symbol of the great and bright Christian holiday of Easter. The tradition to paint and give them to each other on this day appeared many centuries ago. According to legend, Mary Magdalene gave Tiberius, the emperor of the Roman Empire, an Easter egg. Upon learning that Christ was resurrected, Tiberius did not believe it, saying that it was impossible just as if the egg he had been given turned red. After the words of Tiberius, a miracle occurred, the egg acquired a blood-red color.

There are different types of Easter eggs: krashenki, krapanka and pysanka.

Krashenki are eggs painted in one color. Krapanki are eggs, the main background of which is solid, but they are additionally marked with dots, spots, stripes. Eggs are real works of art. On them you can see complex drawings, portraits and even episodes from history.

We proceed directly to the process of staining.

The first Easter eggs were only red. But years later, people wanted to make the Easter symbol more interesting.They began to paint in all sorts of colors, paint, write on them the sayings of the Bible.

According to ancient tradition, the patterns are a reminder of the torments that Christ endured. Therefore, the best and most correct day for painting will be Pure Thursday. It is best to use natural dyes for these purposes.

Easter is a family holiday, so let your loved ones and children join the process of painting the main symbol. This will help you get closer and create a good mood for everyone.

Rules and Tips

  • The most common natural dye is onion peel. In order to get the testicles of different colors (from yellow to maroon), you just need to experiment with onion decoction. The color of the eggs depends on how much husk you put in the broth and how long it has been boiled. Cooking broth is not difficult: pour water with husk and boil it for 10 to 40 minutes. For convenience, you can pre-husk folded in gauze, or then strain the broth. Next, take the prepared eggs (washed and whole), pour broth and boil them for 9-12 minutes. Make sure that they are completely covered with liquid and do not touch each other, otherwise the eggs will not be solid.
  • If you want to get a golden color, this will help you decoction of birch.We will need the leaves of this tree, suitable as young green leaves, and dry. Preparation is the same as for coloring in onion peel.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices will make Easter eggs bright and memorable. If you decide to paint them in such a way, they must be pre-cooked until ready, and only after that rub with fruits and vegetables. This is what color these or other products can give: beets and blueberries will paint in red and pink colors; orange and lemon - in light yellow; walnut and turmeric - yellow; nettle, parsley, spinach - in green; red cabbage - in blue; coffee is brown.

  • If you want to make krapanka, then for this you will need a handful of rice or other coarse-grained cereals. We put a clean egg in cold water, then roll it down in rice, it should stick to the egg, wrap it in gauze (one layer) making a bag, firmly tie it on top and throw it in the broth with dye.
  • You can apply patterns using ordinary threads. For this, before you put them in the decoction with the dye, you need to rewind them.
  • Painting eggs with leaves of trees will surely please your children.We take a strong broth from onions and "billets" from the leaves of different trees and thread. To each egg you need to firmly tie a leaf, lower it to boil in a decoction for 30-35 minutes.

During cooking eggs can burst. This will not happen if they are at room temperature.

To eggs evenly dyed, before you lower them into the broth, wipe each with alcohol.

To make ready-made Easter symbols look even more attractive, after they have dried, wipe them with a cloth moistened with a few drops of vegetable oil.

On the bright day of Easter, please your loved ones with Easter masterpieces prepared with your own hands.

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