How to open a repair bureau

You will need
  • - room;
  • - equipment for work;
  • - staff;
  • - Documents authorizing for this type of activity;
  • - advertising;
  • - transport.
Analyze your skills and abilities carefully. What can you do best: repair computers, sew clothes, “bring back to life” home appliances or repair shoes? Perhaps you understand the devices of cars or motorcycles?
Explore the market demand for this type of service that you are going to offer. Determine the competitive cost of your services. For example, if you decide to openthe Bureaurepairrepairing watch movements, but are going to set a price almost equal to the cost of a new watch, you are unlikely to have many customers.
Estimate the number of competitors in your area of ​​activity. After all, if, for example, you openthe Bureaurepairwashing machines and refrigerators, and not far from you there will be located “Rembytservice”, having a long-term reputation, the client is unlikely to go to you, unless you, of course, hit everyone with very low prices for the services provided.But is it worth doing?
After you decide on the competitive niche that you are going to occupy in the service market, you need to find a room where you will be located.the Bureau. In order to avoid the cost of renting space, repair of automotive equipment, for example, can be arranged in your own garage, if you have one. There you can repair and household appliances, and even shoes. The main thing is that the room was bright enough, warm and spacious. It is better to open the workshop somewhere closer to the center, and not on the outskirts of the city.
Having decided on the premises, decide how many people will work in yourthe Bureaurepair, that is, what will be the working staff. It is best to start a business with a small number of employees (sometimes one person is enough), and then, as the enterprise is promoted, increase the scale of the labor force.
Stock up on necessary supplies, equipment for fault diagnosis, machine tools, instruments, etc.
Do not forget to legalize your business, that is, to collect all the law-resolving documents in the local administration, to register with the tax inspectorate, registering your form of business activity.
Decide whether you need an accountant, driver, loader and other workers, depending on the nature and scale of your business.
Pay attention to advertising, especially at the beginning of your activity. This may be ads in the media, distributed leaflets with data on your repairthe Bureau, own site with a description of the services provided, contact details and other information that attracts the attention of the client.
The Bureaurepairit may be on-site, that is, all the activities of fixing the product can be organized at the client's home. To do this, it is desirable to have a personal vehicle and a mobile set of tools. An operator can be on the phone to receive orders.

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