How to open a hardware store

You will need
  • The room, the services of a lawyer, the services of an accountant, a business plan.
Thinking through the creation and opening of a hardware store, you need to determine its location. This may be a specific physical location or a website on the Internet. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first case, a significant part of the cost is the rent of the premises, but all the goods can be well considered. This increases the likelihood of buying it. The work of an online store, it would seem, is not so costly, but it risks losing itself without promotion and advertising among similar sites. The buyer and seller will benefit if the real hardware store also has a support site.
Be prepared for the fact that funds invested in the store, will not return to you immediately. Therefore, carefully consider the factors that will determine the profitability of the store. First and foremost is its location. Welcome to places of accumulation of potential buyers and road junctions.Match the estimated store assortment with the image of a potential buyer. Whose needs in technology and in which you will meet. This is your target audience, work for it. Starting from it, choose the appropriate advertising store, design and even promotions.
To open a home appliance store, you need to register yourself as a private entrepreneur. Registration of a package of documents and obtaining various permits and licenses can take a long time. Be ready for this. The process of preparing the necessary documents is best organized in conjunction with a lawyer whom you trust. Together with him, study their list. You must be prepared to check the State Fire Supervision and Rospotrebnadzor. Check also the availability of permits for cash registers.
Find suppliers on favorable terms for you. We recommend to focus on the Asian market. Be sure to read the reviews about the alleged supplier companies. The fewer intermediaries will be in the purchase and transportation of goods, the higher will be your profit.
Pay special attention to recruitment.From managers and accountants to workers. Your well-being depends on their well-established work. Motivate employees to maintain a warm, cheerful atmosphere in the store. Then the buyer will want to come to you again.

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