How to open a garden center

You will need
  • - room;
  • - start-up capital.
Find a room for a garden center. Today the range of products in this category is quite high, so the size of the sales area depends only on your capabilities: you can always fill it with a sufficient amount of products. It is advisable to choose a room in a large shopping center or a building on the outskirts of the city. It will be convenient for owners of country houses and household farms to buy necessary goods on the way to their country house. Solve issues with fire protection, sewage, heating. If you are going to sell plants, take care of the possibility of maintaining a certain temperature in one of the trading rooms.
Find suppliers for your mall. Optimally sign contracts with several companies specializing in different products. As a rule, to maintain the current range you will need to pre-order long before the start of the season.
Build a product range based on an analysis of the target audience. If you are guided by the owners of small personal plots, focus on inexpensive tools, seeds, seedlings, household materials, garden tools. A separate category can be expensive equipment: lawn mowers, watering plants. If your store is located near a large cottage village, it is advisable to include in the range of rare plants, wicker furniture, decor elements for landscape design, garden architecture.
Enter designer services at your garden center. To date, this position is highly in demand. This service should not be expensive, because by creating a landscape design project for a client, you can sell a lot more products from your store.
Be attentive to the conditions of plants and seedlings. Most of them require a special microenvironment, as well as special dressings, without which they can die.
Helpful advice
Enter in the assortment of goods intended for occasional customers: picnic equipment, flowers in pots, dishes, accessories.

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