How to multiply in Excel?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
August 15, 2012
How to multiply in Excel?

Excel is an indispensable program for working with digital data. She has a variety of possibilities. In this article we’ll dwell on how to multiply in excel.

Multiplication of numbers in Excel: options

  • Multiplication of numbers in one cell. To do this, simply multiply the necessary numbers in the cell using the multiply icon (*). For example, = 3 * 5, the value 15 is reflected in the cell.
  • Multiply a range of numbers by a certain number. You may have a question about how to multiply a column in excel. For example, you need to increase each column cell by 3 times. To do this you need to multiply each cell by 3, how to do it quickly? The answer is simple - copy the cell with the number 3 and perform the following operation: select the required column and bring up the menu by right-clicking. In this menu, select "Paste Special", and in the window that appears, choose to insert formulas, the operation - multiply.
  • Multiplication of numbers in different cells. In this case, you can use the “PRODUCTION” function, or simply use the multiplication sign.When using the multiplication sign, the spelling of a formula differs from the first case only by using instead of the numbers of cell names, for example, = C6 * D6. When using the function, multipliers should be written through:
    1. comma (if you multiply single cells), example: = PRODUCT (B2; B4; B6; 2)
    2. colon (if you multiply a range of numbers), example: = PRODUCTION (A2: A4)

In this case, the names of the cells can not be written, but simply select the cell with the cursor, in addition, the multiplier can be not only a cell, but also a number.

You have learned how to multiply in excel. Study the program, and it will facilitate your calculations.

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