How to make up the pimple

The first stage of camouflage measures - cleansing

Before you start masking any pimple, it makes sense to thoroughly clean the skin of the entire face. Purification is usually carried out in three stages: washing, toning and moisturizing. For moisturizing, use creams with light textures or serums.

Emergency help to reduce inflammation

You can relieve inflammation or at least visually reduce it on the damaged area of ​​the skin with any alcohol-containing lotion. Eye drops are a good option for quick help. They will narrow blood vessels - and the inflammation will subside a bit.
Soothe irritated skin and quickly remove swelling will allow such a tool as witch hazel. Tincture of this binder is sold in pharmacies and is known as an effective method to reduce redness and itching. There is both alcohol-containing witch hazel (about 14%), and without alcohol in the composition. The choice is better to do in favor of the second, since alcohol dries the skin. Apply witch hazel to point.
In addition, ice is used to mask acne.Especially in the case when the pimple is red and painful. Attach a cube to acne - and it will soon remove the swelling and pain. The cold will narrow the vessels - and the redness will subside. Also, tea bags, toothpaste, aspirin gruel, neem tree oil and tea tree, clay masks, etc. are used locally as an emergency acne control.

Means and tools for masking inflammation

All means of masking inflammation must be checked for expiry date, since irritation can be earned. Also keep your tools clean. Use regular soap or special alcohol sprays (however, it is better to be careful with them, since alcohol dries the skin). You can make an approximate list of what you may need in the first place:
- brush for the corrector;
- a wide brush for powder;
- sponge;
- basic makeup base;
- masking pencil;
- concealer;
- Foundation;
- powder.
Many women ignore the base under makeup for reasons of economy. Admittedly, this is a common misconception. It is exactly with the help of the base that the skin relief is leveled - and the make-up as a whole looks more natural.
When choosing a pencil for masking, pay attention to the density of its structure,since the light textures literally dissolve from the natural temperature of our skin, exposing flaws. The shade of the masking pencil should be lighter than your natural skin color. Apply a thick layer of this tool, slightly rubbing the contours of the sponge.
Powder should be applied on top of foundation, concealer or masking pencil. It will complete the disguise.

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