How to make sushi at home?

How to make delicious sushi at home.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to know how to cook sushi at home, because there are many services that do this and do their work very well. A modern person should better go to a Japanese restaurant where he can buy tasty and healthy sushi. There are also many services that are engaged in the delivery of land to home, you can order them on the company's website, after which the courier will bring you delicious Japanese food. Well, there is another option for acquiring land. They can be bought in the usual large supermarket, where the price of this product will be cheaper than in restaurants or cafes. That is why many do not even think about how to make sushi. Only the desire and incredible thirst for cooking can make you learn how to make sushi at home. In fact, it is not so difficult. Making homemade sushi will be easy if you follow a few simple rules.


Despite the fact that an ordinary Russian person can call all Japanese sushi dishes, there are so many varieties, each of which must be prepared according to a certain technology and with special requirements and components. But we will not learn all the Japanese cuisine, in order to cook ordinary sushi, such as you used to see in movies or in restaurants. We are talking about a long roll, with different fillings, which should be served and cut into pieces. If you have a desire, you can also read an article on how to properly hold Chinese sticks, because it is the use of such kitchen items can convey the whole atmosphere of Japanese cuisine. This is very important when eating such a popular dish.


To begin with, we list all the necessary products for land cooking. We need round grain rice or special sushi, salmon, wasabi, crab sticks, bamboo mat, noria, seasoning. As you can see, the components are not so few, because you need to prepare for this case very carefully and not forget about anything. First, put the rice on a small fire. How to make rice for sushi should be written on the package, of course, if you bought a special rice for sushi.



How to make sushi - made sushi rolls.



How to make natural sushi at home



Add rice to the pan and wait, and while this main ingredient is cooked, we will prepare the other components. By the way, you can read on different sources about how to cook rice. We take and clean the fish, cut it into thin plates, after which we cut each plate into several more pieces across. We take crab sticks and tear along the arms, approximately 1 cm thick. As we make sushi, it is necessary to ensure that the rice is not digested, because it can ruin all the cooking. Prepare the ingredients, and when the rice is ready, pour out all the water and give it time to cool.


We unfold the algae on the rug and begin to smear them with seasoning, then apply a thin layer of rice. After that, another layer of seasoning. Then we put along the noria small pieces of fish of two varieties. When you have done everything that is written above, you can proceed to the next stage of cooking. Getting to wrap up dry land. You can watch different videos on the Internet, where it will be described in detail and shows how to cook sushi. It is very important to fold the mat correctly, because if it unfolds, it will be very unpleasant to collect it in parts of land, this is somewhat inconvenient and ugly.


How to make sushi - the kind before wrapping.



When you were all out, but had to pull out a long roll, it's time to cut it into small pieces. The thickness can be different, from one to three centimeters. We spread everything on a flat surface, for example on a plate or wooden board. We drip a bit on the side of the wasabi and in this form serve on the table. If guests come to you on sushi, then there is a high probability that they will be delighted with the prepared dish and will appreciate your efforts. Experience in cooking Japanese dishes will not disappear, and you will be able to cook more different types of land, if you have the desire and free time. If you have taken into account our advice, then your sushi will be delicious and the question of how to make sushi will not worry you anymore.

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