How to make straight hair wavy

You will need
  • - drawstrings of cloth;
  • or
  • - curlers;
  • - means for fixing;
  • or
  • - electric pliers;
  • - hair mousse.
The most simple and ancient method to transformhairin wavy - it is unpretentious bobbins. To do this, take a small straps of cloth, tie the curls alternately and go to bed. In the morning you will get small curls, but after combing, they will become lush and very pretty.
Another way - the usual curlers. It can be curlers of different types - hard, soft, thermal. The magnitude of the curls depends on the shape and size of the curlers. To get the original curls up to half of the hair, respectively, and windhairneed not to the end. However, for a more "long-lasting" curler curlers need to keep as long as possible. Still, curls go short-lived. For longer preservation of curls, apply tohairbefore winding means for fixing.
A good and fast option to create curls is heated hair rollers. However, they should be used very carefully, so as not to burn yourself. They are heated in water for about 10 minutes. Screwed uphairOn such curlers immediately, while heated rollers are not cold. And after 15 minutes, you can admire the curls.
Another popular move is the use of modern electric tongs. This seemingly unassuming tool requires experience and skill. However, curls are obtained quickly and, moreover, exactly where needed. With this tool you can make only a few curls, “reviving” any hairstyle. But it is best to ask someone to help with the hairstyle that you do with the help of forceps. After all, they are quite difficult to manage. In the process of home "cooking" curls, use a special mousse, which will facilitate the process.

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