How to make hair masks from white clay

Use white clay for hair
Usually a mask with white clay is used for brittle, splitting dry hair. It well stimulates active hair growth, cleanses the scalp, promoting normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. In addition, this clay has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is often added to shampoos for oily seborrhea and dandruff.
You can buy white clay at any pharmacy. It is diluted with herbs or water decoction to the consistency of sour cream.
White clay mask for oily hair
Dilute white clay powder with a decoction of chamomile or nettle. Apply the mixture to the scalp, rubbing it a little, then along the entire length of the curls. Leave the mask for half an hour, rinse the hair with shampoo. You can dilute the clay with ordinary water, but then it is recommended to add a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice. If you wish, you can add a few drops of cedar, juniper, grapefruit and cypress essential oils to this mask.
White clay firming mask
Add one egg yolk to three tablespoons of clay, pour in water, a spoonful of burdock oil. Apply to hair, wait twenty minutes. You can add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and colorless henna to the same amount of clay.
White clay mask for split ends
Take a spoonful of chopped cranberries, two spoons of yogurt or milk. Add two spoons of clay, mix, apply on dry hair, wait twenty minutes.
It is recommended to use masks with white clay twice a month - this will help maintain hair in good condition. And if you use the clay for medicinal purposes, then make a mask out of it twice a week.

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