How to make friends with the stars, or very funny Instagram account

Sonya Morsikova July 7, 2016

A simple graphic designer from Germany, Lorenz Valentino, suddenly suddenly made friends with all the Hollywood celebrities - from Madonna to Mark Zuckerberg! Together they wash the dishes, take part in photo shoots and even save the world. The most trusting relationship between Lorenz and the Beckham couple (otherwise Vicki would hardly have entrusted a stranger to shave his legs, and David - to fill another tattoo!).

All the pictures from the @LorenzValentino page are very realistic, and we would not have suspected the guy to use Photoshop if it were not for his sense of humor - in all the photos the merry fellow is dressed in a dragon's costume (he is already called Dino), and in some even armed with a plunger. “I'm a graphic designer, and Photoshop is the easiest way for me to hang out with celebrities,” he explains. “But if I could really meet any star, I would have without hesitation met with Ellie Golding and Emma Watson.”

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