How to make food from plasticine

You will need
  • - plasticine (light brown, dark brown, red, light green, yellow and white colors);
  • - toothpick;
  • - pen or pencil (or any other object that can play the role of a rolling pin);
  • - knife;
  • - board for sculpting.
Prepare the clay of the desired colors. Light brown plasticine roll a ball about 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter, one centimeter from green and dark brown, one red centimeter from red, two balls 0.5 centimeters in size. From yellow plasticine make two squares with a thickness of three to four millimeters with sides of one centimeter.
How to make food from plasticine
Using a knife (or any other cutting object), cut the light brown ball in half and lightly roll the halves with the handle, using it as a rolling pin. Put the blanks aside.
Put a green ball in front of you, roll it with a pen to a thickness of two to three millimeters. It is unnecessary to try to make an even circle, the hamburger will turn out much more attractive if the billet has uneven edges.
Gently rub the ball of brown color with your fingers, then use a toothpick on its side parts to make holes. Roll the red billet to a thickness of three to four millimeters.
All blanks are ready, now you can start collecting hamburger. Put a light brown billet (a piece of bun) face down (the front side is more convex) in front of you, put a green billet on it (this is a leaf), then a yellow billet (cheese), then a brown burglar, then two red pieces (tomato slices ), again yellow (cheese), and again light brown.
The hamburger is ready, now it is necessary to decorate it with "sesame". It is easiest to make white plasticine.

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