How to make eyebrows beautiful. Simple technology available to everyone.

Determine the bend line

Beautiful eyebrows are first of all the correct form. Before you begin to remove excess hair, you need to find the point of beginning, end and bending of the eyebrows. First, we define the right eyebrow.

  • The beginning of the brow line (near the nose): one tip of a thin cosmetic pencil should be attached to the right nostril, and the second tip should be directed to the inner corner of the right eye. Get a straight line that indicates the starting point of the right eyebrow. All the hairs that will be behind the pencil should be ruthlessly removed.
  • The end of the brow line (at the temple): leave the lower tip of the pencil in the same place, and move the upper one to the outer corner of the right eye. The intersection with the eyebrow will show where the brow should end. If the eyebrow ends before the place found, it needs to be drawn.
  • Curving brow line: send a pencil so that it passes from the right nostril through the center of the pupil.Crossing a pencil with an eyebrow is the very place to bend.

The same must be done with the left eyebrow. This technique of "three parts" - a classic version that fits all.

But there are also secret bending tricks that can help with face correction:

  • in order to visually stretch a little face, chubby ladies can make the eyebrows bend higher and sharper;
  • if the person has a square shape, you can perform a classic design (the fracture is located above the pupil) or slightly mix the bend point to the temple;
  • a strongly elongated face will be rescued by strictly horizontal, straight eyebrows;
  • a semicircular brow line is ideal for a face-heart;
  • if the face is oval, you can sharpen the tip to give the image a great piquancy.

The brow line should be harmonious, with a classic fracture line, of medium width, with a smooth taper to the tip.

We carry out the correction

Having decided on the shape and size of the eyebrows, you can proceed to the correction, that is, the removal of excess hair. The removal technique can be different, but the easiest way to work at home is to work with ordinary tweezers.

What can help in the correction? It is important to take into account three points:

  • prepare the skin;
  • provide sufficient lighting;
  • correctly pull the hairs.

On the cooled skin, the pain is felt less, but the hot steaming facilitates pulling of the hairs.

Pull hairs need a sharp, directed along the growth of hair movement. In no case should tweezers be directed against the growth of hair: in this way they will not be pulled out along with the onion, but simply broken.

Finally a few important recommendations:

  • Before embarking on pulling out all the excess, the eyebrow must be combed in the course of hair growth. This will help to avoid removing the desired hairs;
  • you can pinch only the bottom line. Upper hairs cannot be touched;
  • Tweezers must first be treated with an alcohol solution. Clean disinfected tools - a pledge that after the procedure on the skin will not appear pimples, inflammation;
  • with oily skin, hairs can be covered with a greasy secret. The tweezers in this case will slide, and the hairs will not be pulled out, but broken. To solve the problem, you can simply powder eyebrows;

Eyebrows can not only pluck, but also cut. This is done if hair removal is not possible. Eyebrow need to comb up, and then all the "out of order" hair trim using a straight nail scissors.

Choosing a means and tone

When the eyebrow line is fully framed, you can start her make-up. Even if the color and density suit, the hairs need to fix a transparent gel. If the color of hair and eyebrows is different, and the density is poor, you should use eyebrow cosmetics.

There are several cosmetics for applying tone:

  • eyebrow pencil;
  • eyebrow shadows;
  • tinting gel;
  • permanent paint.

The easiest option - toning gel. If you successfully choose the tone, then there are no problems with the design at all. You just need to brush your hair with a pigment, and the brow line looks perfect. However, this option is suitable only for owners of the nature of thick, even eyebrows.

The most common way is a pencil. Pencil technique is very simple, allows you to achieve the perfect brow line, mask the “bald spots”, give a beautiful harmonious color to the hairs. If something is done wrong, the pigment can be easily erased and repainted.

Pencil is very convenient to draw a contour eyebrow. However, you need to take into account the features of the slate:

  • very soft can "float" in the heat, and hard - to scratch the skin;
  • soft pencil is applied so easily that you can not calculate the amount of tone and make the eyebrows too bright;
  • soft means is well suited for applying paint over hairs using the hatching technique. But if you want to fill the space between the sparse hairs, it is better to use a solid stylus.

It's hard enough to pick the right color for the eyebrow pencil. The standard rule: for brunettes and brown-haired women, the remedy will be slightly lighter than the tone of the hair, and for blondes - a little darker. “Little” means two tones, not more. Red-haired girls, bright by nature, will suit any option.

What you need to fear, it is absolutely black shade of the slate. He spoils the image, gives it a vulgarity and absurdity. Preference should be given ashy shades of varying intensity. Caution should be done with reddish hues of pencils. They are suitable only for girls with a warm skin tone and a slight reddish hair tint.

Draw eyebrow

The technique of applying pigment to the eyebrows is quite simple, if you master it. With a little practice, you can do eyebrow makeup quickly and accurately. First you need to determine the final result: we either adjust the eyebrows, or simply darken them.

There are many techniques for correcting and filling the eyebrows with color.

Here is one of the possible options:

  • draw the contour of the eyebrow using white white;
  • if the eyebrow is rare, it is necessary to apply strokes to it along the natural growth of hairs with a pencil or shadows;
  • comb the brow with a brush to evenly distribute the tone;
  • shade white tone around the brow line to give it greater clarity and brightness.

Professional makeup artists to give the eyebrows more natural use of different shades, putting on the tip of the eyebrow a lighter shade.

Do not be afraid to experiment with color, shape, technique of applying tone. Making beautiful eyebrows at home is easy. All that is needed is a little practice and desire.

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