How to make everyone admire you: tips from a blogger

Co-founder of the International Academy of Personal Branding, author of the “I am the Brand” and “Voice Brand” courses, as well as one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers in Russia, Margo Bylynina, told Woman's Day about how to become an Instagram star in a matter of days.
Margo Bylinina:
Margarita Bylinina

The era of bright people who can lead. They are famous, rich and active. True, in our time I still often hear opinions that there is nothing to worry about for excellent specialists - they will always have work, money and clients. Come on! Really? Why are so many smart and talented people living in poverty and obscurity? It’s strange why money and clients themselves don’t find it ... One answer: to know a little and work well, you also need to be an interesting and recognizable person who is respected and recommended. Person-brand.

I suggest five steps to create a personal brand.

1. Select the area in which you want to achieve popularity.

Today you want everyone to consider you the best yoga coach, tomorrow you decide to become a famous travel blogger, and in the future you plan to build a personal brand of show business star? Alas, this does not work. Determine the territory in which to act. Promote yourself as an expert in a particular area and improve on it.

Margot Bylinina
Photo: personal archive

2. Create a unique image.

A very illustrative example is with modern stylists. Sometimes you look at a stylist's blog and you understand that you want to change her. The fact that the girl shows, simply does not correspond to the image of a competent master. So, she will not be trusted. So first of all, determine if your external image matches the image that you intend to broadcast. If a girl-stylist cannot competently dress herself, then how will she do it for others? In this situation, whatever you say, no matter how you paint your skills, they simply won't believe you.

If you have already decided the issue of compliance, take up for another - determine how you differ from other experts in your field. If you clearly answer this question, you will be a few steps closer to success.

Margot Bylinina
Photo: personal archive

4. Regular "flare".

To be remembered by your audience, you need to catch her eye at least forty times. The fastest way to become more recognizable is to promote blogs on social networks. It is most effective to do this through your person.

Many are sure that, for example, no one needs their photos in the online store account. “I'd rather be behind the scenes, I want my product to be popular and well-known, but I don’t need it myself,” they say. To which I always say the same thing: “Your project cannot be interesting without you.”

And if you think that your product is more interesting than you, it means that you invented Facebook. If it's not you, go back to the same question: do you think that you are not interested? Then why should I go to you at all? Yes, and follow you or buy something?

Margot Bylinina
Photo: personal archive

5. Don't be boring! Stand out!

No matter how professional you are, if you want to yawn from what you say and write, do not expect that you will really be interesting to the audience.

It should be interesting to follow you. Create a series of your life and brightly broadcast it on social networks.Constantly stir interest to yourself, do not let people get bored.

P.S.Do not try to please everyone. Keep track of what gets your end user approval, but don’t try to please everyone. The audience should feel certain emotions towards you, think about you what you want to be thought of. Do you really need universal love? Much more important is the recognition of your community, which appreciates and respects you.

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