How to make dry cleaning cars

Do car cleaning yourself, then over time you will learn how to make it as quickly as possible and without unnecessary, unnecessary expenditure of effort and energy. Dry cleaning of the car's interior is divided into three main stages: cleaning of large debris, wet cleaning, cleaning the car with the help of special chemicals.
Before cleaning, remove all unnecessary items from the car: documents, tools, plastic bags and much more. Remove the rubber mats and shake them out. Then with a broom sweep the largest particles of garbage. Next, pour cold water into a bucket with a rag and thoroughly clean all the dust that has remained in the cabin of your car.
If, after the manipulations, the remnants of dirt and dust could not be removed, use special tools for car dry cleaning, which can be purchased at any store or supermarket for car enthusiasts. Use these products with extreme caution. Since their contact with the eyes or skin of the body can seriously harm your health. Special cleaning gloves and goggles are used for cleaning.Also, you need a spray gun with which you can easily apply moisture to glass or smooth surfaces.
If you do not want to clean the car yourself, contact the special dry cleaners, where experienced specialists will do all the work on the highest level. Equipment for dry cleaning cars, which is at their disposal, will allow to hold all the events as soon as possible. During the entire period of operation of the car carefully monitor the cleanliness both inside and outside the cabin. This will allow you to create the image of an economic and thrifty car owner, who can always be used.

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