How to make crafts from plastic bottles with your own hands?

Decorate the garden with plots of plastic bottles help. This material is worth nothing and, in fact, is ordinary garbage, which, moreover, pollutes nature. If you use it for good, making a handmade plastic bottles with your own hands, you can not just decorate the dacha or yard in a private house, but also help the environment to become a little cleaner. Numerous master classes with photos confirm that a lot of useful things can be made from this material.

Rooster from plastic bottles

Anyone who is in awe of his homestead, must certainly settle on its territory an interesting cockerel made of plastic containers. Every day he will meet the hosts in the morning, and delight their eyes. It is worth noting that this article can even decorate the children's room. A child will enjoy playing with a funny cock.

Materials and tools

To perform a simple, but, despite this, interesting crafts from plastic bottles, you have to prepare:

  • brown plastic beer bottles (one of them should be with an elongated neck);
  • disposable tableware: spoons, colorful plates, cups;
  • a yellow ball that is used to fill a dry pool;
  • double-sided and regular scotch;
  • marker is black;
  • stapler;
  • wrapping paper;
  • scissors.

On a note! To make the rooster bright, you need to use multicolored cups.

Step-by-step master class

To step-by-step to make crafts for a kindergarten or a plot in the form of a rooster made of plastic bottles, you should use the master class with a photo and a detailed description:

  1. Cut off the top of the dark bottles, then seal with ordinary tape, as shown in the photo.

  2. Cut the bottom of the cups. On both sides make cuts, reaching almost to the middle of the glasses. Put on the cups alternately on the bottle that mimics the neck of the rooster.

  3. Take disposable plates and cut the sides, after departing from the edges of 2 cm. Make cuts from the inside.It is important to do them often, to get a thin fringe. Fasten details with a stapler in one place.

  4. Make an incision on the back of the cock's body to insert the tail. Secure the part with glue.

  5. Take wrapping paper and close the attachment of the tail to the body. Also attach the bottom of a plastic plate on both sides of the body, simulating the wings. For fixing parts, use double-sided tape. To put the plastic cups on the neck of the bottle, attach the ball to the adhesive tape.

  6. Cut from a plastic plate red color comb, beak and beard. Make cuts in the ball in certain places and insert the cut elements, additionally fix them with glue. Make eyes out of disposable spoons, draw pupils with a black marker. To glue.

If you follow the above scheme, you get a beautiful hack of plastic bottles in the form of a bright rooster, which even a child can do with their own hands.

When the glue is completely dry, you can use the craft on purpose.

Nesting box for birds from plastic bottles with their own hands

The birdhouse or bird house does not have to be made of wood.You can find an easier way using plastic bottles. It's easy to make such an article.

Materials and tools

If you prepare large plastic bottles for crafting, many birds can fit in the feeder. The following is used for work:

  • bottles with a capacity of 1 and 2 liters;
  • red and blue paint;
  • scissors;
  • brushes;
  • wire (thinner and thicker);
  • hammer and nails.

In this master class, plastic bottles made from "Coca-Cola" are used to make hand-made articles. If you wish, you can use other containers. The main thing is that they differ in volume.

Step-by-step master class

To make an easy hack of white plastic bottles, follow the scheme below:

  1. Prepare the bottles. I'll have to tear off labels from them, wash them and dry them.

  2. Plastic bottle smaller capacity cut in place of the hangers.

  3. Similarly, do with the second bottle.

  4. The bottom of the 1-liter bottle is the base of the feeder. In it, you need to make a circular hole, retreating from the top and bottom edges about 3 cm.

  5. Cover the top of the plastic bottle with a capacity of 2 liters with a hole.It is desirable that both elements are in close contact with each other.

  6. Make holes on both sides of the two parts to pass through them a thin wire for fastening structural elements.

  7. In the cap that covers the neck of the bottle, make 4 holes with a nail. A thick wire will be passed through them.

  8. Paint the lower part of the feeder with red paint and make the upper part blue. Leave for a while to paint dried. If desired, you can use other colors. The main thing is that the feeder is bright and beautiful.

  9. Assemble the feeder parts using wire. Pass the loop through the lid.

The feeder is ready. Now it can be hung on a tree, putting dry grass, grain and other food inside.

Palm tree from plastic bottles do it yourself

For certain, some people noticed palms from plastic bottles decorating the courtyard of their neighbors. And even always dreamed of doing the same. And this is not surprising, because such exotic trees attract attention, delight the eye, and some crafts cause genuine interest and admiration. The foliage of palm trees is made from green bottles, and brown packaging is used to assemble the trunk.The height and splendor of a tree depends on how many plastic containers are involved in the process.

Materials and tools

Before starting the construction of crafts from plastic bottles is required to prepare materials:

  • green leaf bottles and brown barrel packaging;
  • knife, scissors;
  • a metal rod for the trunk;
  • Scotch;
  • wire for making the base of leaves.

Step-by-step master class

First you need to get rid of plastic bottles from labels and all sorts of stickers that the manufacturer has equipped. Otherwise, it will be difficult to imitate a palm tree with such tars.

The following step-by-step instructions with photos will help you quickly make a palm-tree craft using plastic bottles:

  1. Cut the green plastic bottle in two. The lower part is not required, the top blank will be used.

  2. Cut the upper part into strips of small width, starting from the cut line towards the neck. When using large plastic bottles for making crafts, the leaves are more lush and beautiful.

  3. There is another option to create leaves for palm trees.The top of the bottle is divided into 4, the so-called petals, as shown in the photo. Then on each make notches. Thus, you can create beautiful foliage.

  4. Screw the lid on the neck, as it is needed to secure the "petiole" of the sheet.

  5. Alternately, thread the workpieces on a wire or rope. The last product also needs to be screwed on. In fact, you can make a crown of any size. But the palm with the number of leaves from 5 and more looks more beautiful.

  6. The result will be such blanks.

  7. To simulate the trunk of a palm tree, you will have to use almost the entire bottle of brown, except for the bottom.

  8. Make longitudinal incisions that reach almost to the neck. How it looks can be seen in the photo.

  9. It should be noted that only a small part of the bottom of the bottle is removed.

  10. The result is such a blank.

  11. The assembly of the palm stem is carried out in the same way as the leaves. It is necessary to equip this structure with a solid foundation, which is used as a metal rod.

  12. Continuing the assembly of the tree, it is necessary to fix the leaves on top.To do this, you can use tape or glue. It is important that the leaves evenly move away from the trunk, forming a beautiful crown.

  13. If all actions were performed correctly, you get such a tip.

  14. Since the palm tree is obtained with a sufficiently large mass, you need to be able to firmly fix it so that it will stand for more than one year, withstanding various natural disasters. The base on which the structure is attached must be heavy. In addition, it will not be superfluous to deepen it under the ground or pour concrete.

So, a beautiful palm from plastic bottles is ready. If desired, it can be periodically cleaned of dust and dirt. And it's quite easy to do this. It is necessary just to pour a plastic tree with water from a hose.

You can make several trees of different sizes. A low odd job will come out of small plastic bottles in a similar pattern.

Photo ideas

Do not stop at these master classes. Many other things can be made from plastic bottles, not only decorative, but also useful. It is worth noting that this is a simple and exciting activity.

The photo shows new items from plastic bottles that are easy to do with your own hands.

Video: what crafts can be made from plastic bottles?

The video shows master classes on making crafts from plastic bottles with their own hands. Experienced masters are ready to show the beginners what can be built from simple materials.

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