How to make Christmas toys for the new 2017

Balls with weaving

In order to make paper Christmas balls with weaving, you will need sheets of colored paper, sheets of white paper, patterns, pencil, scissors, glue glue, a brush, clothespins and pieces of satin ribbon.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare templates for all the components of the ball. Below the photo will be offered three options for patterns, each of which allows you to make a ball decorated with unusual weaving. Choosing one of the templates, you need to cut two sets of parts: one set of colored paper, the other - from white paper. Then the colored parts should be laid out in the form of a flower, and the circle should be glued in the middle so that the parts are kept in a single design. It is also necessary to lay out the details cut out of white paper, only the details must be laid in the opposite direction. Then it is necessary to put the construction of white parts, and on top put the design of their colored parts and twist them, that is, lay each row of strips on top of each other in turn. After the rows are woven, you need to attach a piece of satin ribbon.

Snowflake Openwork

In order to make an openwork snowflake, you need an old book, fishing line, scissors, glue and tinsel. First, on the sheets of the book it is necessary to perform the markup, i.e. mark the stripes of the same width but of different lengths. Then the strip should be cut. Then each selection of the five bands must be bent in the form of a drop so that one of the snowflake crystals is obtained. The edges of all the drops must be connected and secured with a fishing line. Similarly, several more such elements should be made. Next, one set of strips must be twisted in the form of a circle and secure the edges with a fishing line. After that, the crystals-billets should be glued to it in a circle. The side parts of the elements that make up the crystal must also be glued. At the final stage, the snowflake can be sealed with sequins and attach a loop from a fishing line or ribbon.

Christmas toys from ordinary bottles

Excellent will look Christmas toys made of plastic bottles. The process of manufacturing such toys will not take long, besides, plastic bottles are sure to be found in every home. Below is a master class.

In order to make snowflakes, you will need plastic bottles, acrylic paints, satin ribbons, narrow double-sided adhesive tape, a knife.

  1. For the formation of one snowflake will require two identical plastic bottoms, so the first step is to cut the bottoms of the bottles with a knife.
  2. On the inside of each piece, you should draw a snowflake pattern.
  3. Then the resulting billet must be connected using double-sided tape. Then you need to decorate the tape with a satin ribbon that matches the color of the paint. The edges of the tape can be tied in a bow and attach a paper clip so that it is convenient to hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

Out of felt

Soft Christmas toys are also a wonderful decoration for the Christmas tree for the New Year. In order to perform a New Year's toy made of cloth, for example, from felt, you will need the actual fabric, scissors, needle and thread, ribbon.

First, from a piece of cloth, you need to cut four identical circles, which must be joined in the middle with a seam. Then each half of each circle must be joined in the middle by small seams. Attach a ribbon on top.

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