How to make an evening hair with bangs - photo workshop

How to make an evening hair with bangs

How to make an evening hair with bangs

Evening hairstyle is often created in such a way as to remove long hair to the top, leaving the shoulders and decollete area open to give the image of a woman greater elegance and elegance.


Sometimes in similar situations girls with a bang test some difficulties with selection of hairdresses on the basis of the hair collected in a bunch.


If you are familiar with these problems, we offer you a hairstyle that takes you quite a bit of time to create, but as a result turns you into a refined, pretty-looking princess.


The whole process takes only 5-10 minutes, but the hairstyle will retain its look throughout the evening. It will also be appropriate as an office hairstyle, especially on a day when you do not have time or desire to wash your hair in the morning before work. It is very convenient because the hair gathered in a bundle will not disturb you until the very end of the working day. So let's get started.

Evening hairstyle with a long bang with his own hands - photo


1. To do an evening hairstyle with bangs need to dry hair. Hair should not be perfectly clean, so there is nothing terrible in the fact that you do not wash your hair just before its creation. The only thing that is desirable to do is to spray a little dry shampoo onto the hair roots.


2. Using a thick gum like the one shown in the photo, collect all the hair in the ponytail at the top of the head. It is not necessary to make great efforts to make the tail look perfect, the main thing is that it should be well fixed.


3. Separate about a fourth of the hair and put it aside, as shown in the image - we will use it later. Try to take the hair from the side of the tail, not from the back. If you do it right, the thickest part of the braid that you will braid later will be located in the visible part of the hairstyle (front).


How to make an evening hair with bangs


4. After you have separated a quarter of the hair, make a regular bundle of hair (a ballerina bump) on the vertex, using the remaining three quarters.


5. So, you made a bunch of ballet dancers. Now take the remaining quarter of the hair and braid them in a braid.You can braid the braid in the standard way, the fishtail method or other, more complex ones - this is just a matter of your preferences. Secure the tip of the braid with a small, discreet rubber band.


How to make an evening hair with bangs


6. Wrap the braid around the beam, as shown in the photo, and then reinforce the entire structure with invisible pins. For best fixation, use studs every centimeter and a half.


Hairstyle with long straight bangs ready. It will be great if you can choose accessories for it, such as the one in our photo.


How to make an evening hair with bangs


This will add texture to your hairstyle, and elegance to you. Accessories for gentle hair are suitable for gentle tones, for dark hair - more saturated shades. Ideally, the color of the accessory will be combined with your evening dress - and the hair color will not matter much anymore.

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