How to make a window of wood

������Windows made of wood can be installed on the verandas or balconies, in the baths, and in a residential building it would be nice to install a high-quality window made of eco-friendly material. In the manufacture of windows should pay special attention to the choice of material. Well-suited spliced wood is perfect for this purpose, but you should not use solid timber or boards. After installing the windows, the material will gradually dry out and may warp, and when using spliced wood, this can be avoided.
Works on the manufacture of windows include the construction of the box, which will be fixed in the window opening, and glass frames. It is better to make a box of boards with a section of 50x150 mm. From a bar with a section of 50x50 mm you get a good strong frame. Before you begin, you need to make a drawing, where all values should be indicated. The dimensions of the boards and bars are selected depending on the size of the future window. For small windows, small boards are also suitable; for a large window, the board section will need more - this helps to achieve good rigidity for the construction.

Manufacturing window box

First of all, they make a window box. For it, you will need a planed dry board of 50x150 mm, on which you have to choose a groove in such a way that the profile would be L-shaped. Formed comb helps to create a window of great tightness. Chalkboard give the desired shape with a planer.
The board prepared for the box is sawn into four parts in accordance with the dimensions indicated in the drawing. It is better to connect them with each other with a spike and a dovetail groove. To do this, you need to use a special template and a milling cutter, which can be problematic, so the straight groove and the spike are often used.
To arrange such a connection, a spike is cut out on the chosen horizontal board, and a groove on the adjacent board. For work it is necessary to use a hammer, a chisel and a saw, and even better a manual mill, with which the connection can be made more precise. Joints need to miss the wood glue, then you can collect the box.
When assembling, ensure the correct geometry of the product, with an exact angle of 90 degrees. For a more rigid bond in the end of the joint, a hole is drilled, which is coated with glue and a wooden pin is installed.For reliability in the corners of the box also install metal corners.

How to make a frame

When creating frames, the technique is the same as when connecting box parts. But the use of a pin and a corner here will be mandatory - the window frame is often set in motion, and the requirements for reliability of connections are more serious.
The sequence in assembling the frame is as follows. The profile is made, the dimensions of which are selected as carefully as possible. In order to open and close the product was easy, you need to take into account the gap of 1-2 mm between the box and the frame. Spike joints are made on blanks, and all parts are interconnected. The glass prepared by the sizes is inserted. Loops are attached to the box and frame. The finished window must be treated with special impregnations and painted to protect it from the appearance of insects and the harmful effects of moisture.

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