How to make a trendy flash tattoo?

Decorating the body with patterns and drawings is an ancient and rather popular hobby; over the long years of its existence, various trends and types have appeared, one of which is a fashionable flash tattoo.

What can I say, not a permanent tattoo, which is filled with paint directly under the skin, will not reach everyone, and sometimes you want to try something like that on yourself!

If you want to decorate yourself with an unusual pattern, but do not risk stuffing a permanent tattoo, then try a new and already very fashionable trend - flash tattoo.

This type of body “drawings” appeared a few years ago under the name of the notorious Dior brand, the designers of this particular fashion house were the first to think about the creation of temporary tattoos that “grew” from teenage manifestations. Now a temporary tattoo can look elegant, stylish and very grown-up, plus everything, they are absolutely harmless to human health and skin.

Flash tattoos, issued by world brands, no doubt, have a high-quality and very stylish look, they even resemble real jewelry. The most common options for patterns are a variety of bracelets on the hands, rings on the fingers and a necklace on the neck.

They are often combined with real accessories and decorations, which allows you to create a unique unique ensemble. The advantages of flash tattoos have long been used by many stars of world magnitude, for example, the singer Beyonce, who has long adorned her body with similar drawings.

Usually, these tattoos are available in metallic colors - silver and gold, which gives them a special chic and attractive. Especially good flash pictures look on a tanned body, they are often used instead of jewelry, when they go to the beach.

How to do?

To use the novelty of the fashion industry is very easy, it works on the principle of translations, which everyone remembers from childhood. You are probably wondering how much such a wonderful tattoo keeps, because much can depend on it! Usually the term "life" of the flash image is about 4-7 days, after which it is easily washed off, leaving no trace behind.

Persistence, in many respects, will depend on how you take care of it.If it is strongly required, then it will be possible to wash it off in one evening, however, you will have to try.

In order to prolong the resistance of the applied pattern, it must be protected from rubbing, try not to soap the picture with soap or lotion, and also eliminate the application of sunscreen or oil on this place.

In general, any cosmetic products based on oil should be avoided, since they easily dissolve the glue, on which the picture rests. Sunbathing and swimming with such pictures can be easy, but the friction with clothes is better to reduce, which is why flash tattoos are mainly applied to exposed parts of the body.

By the way, on the Internet you can find a lot of photos in which girls and even guys have already tried all the delights of the new product.

Application process:

  • After you have purchased the drawing you like (usually they are bundled in several pieces), decide on the place where you will apply the tattoo. The price of such sets is very democratic, so that anyone who wants to decorate their pens with fashionable gold bracelets or interesting patterns is quite affordable. By the way, someone who doesn’t like bracelets or necklaces much, there are flash tattoos for cuticles that look very interesting and visually lengthen the nail plate.As a result, the nails look much more beautiful and, not least, very unusual.
  • The skin must be cleaned beforehand, it must be completely dry, without lotions, creams and other.
  • The selected pattern is cut out as close as possible to the edge, we remove the protective transparent layer.
  • Further, as in deep childhood, we gently distribute the image over the body, naturally, with a pattern downwards.
  • With the help of a sponge or cotton swab, we moisten the surface of the tattoo with water, press it well to the skin.
  • Voila! After 30 seconds your body will be decorated with a fashionable flash tattoo: to do this, it's enough to carefully remove the paper and let the picture dry. Within 10 minutes after application, it is better not to stretch the skin, so that the tattoo does not burst, and already literally in an hour the pattern will appear brighter and much more impressive.

To remove such a picture is very simple: for this, it is enough to moisten a place with a tattoo with any cosmetic oil (coconut or children's), lightly rub with a sponge and rinse thoroughly with water.

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