How to make a stove in the country

You will need
  • - bag of cement;
  • - brick;
  • - sand;
  • - metal corners;
  • - asbestos sheet;
  • - latches;
  • - cast iron stove;
  • - doors;
  • - burnt wire;
  • - the lattice.
Most often, the furnace is built of brick. This building material has good thermal conductivity. That is why brick is the most optimal material for the laying of the furnace. It is also necessary to decide how to lay the laying - edge or half-brick. If the first method is used, warming up will be fast, which allows you to quickly warm up the room. However, cooling will also occur quickly. If the brickwork is made in half a brick, the oven will warm up much longer, but it will remain heated for a long time.
A small-sized stove is well suited for dacha The fact is that it takes up little space and can quickly heat a small room. To build it, you will need 170 pieces of whole bricks, 75 halves, 30 pieces of 3D. This oven has a completely uncomplicated laying, so you do not need to have special skills and abilities. Often people make stove-brazier.It can be laid out both in a corner of the room, and on the street.
To comply with fire safety, laying should be done on the edge near the wall. Then, through the indent, you can already begin to lay out the oven. Laying on the edge must be done on those walls where the furnace is in contact with the walls of the room. The first and second row should be bricked over the entire area. You can also do fire-fighting. Its size is about 25 centimeters. Note that the seams when joining the groove will crack due to the temperature difference. That is why ligation of the furnace and cutting is not recommended. The junction should go through a strip of basaltocards. On both sides of the cut, you can lay in the seam cord, which will ensure the sealing of furnace devices. The seams will look neat.

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