How to make a large space cozy

To make a large hall cozy, try to divide it into functional areas. This can be easily accomplished with the help of furniture and decoration. At the TV, collect a group of rest from a large comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee table. For a quiet conversation, highlight a nook and separate it with a screen.
A lot of space is needed for the dining area, with a large solid dining table, buffet and a flock of chairs. If there is no separate room, it can be arranged in a large hall, separated from the rest of the space with bookcases, shelves and shelves. Thus, you will have several cozy zones, each of which carries its own functional load.
Separate a large space with different finishes and playing around the floor and ceiling levels. You can raise the floor in the office area or in the dining area. The multi-level stretch ceiling looks beautiful and cozy, it successfully masks the “huge” space and gives the room originality and style.
Use different floor coverings, because a monotonous canvas only increases the room. In the recreation area, lay a fluffy carpet, decorate the office with dark parquet, for the dining room is suitable laminate.
Feel free to use dark colors for decoration and combine them with light. Large ornaments and drawings are allowed in the large room. The texture of the decoration and coating of furniture also plays a role in giving coziness. Velvety and “fluffy” fabrics, voluminous wallpaper and structural plaster will be useful for you during the repair.
Large paintings in heavy frames will decorate the walls and visually reduce the space. Rich draperies on the windows also create comfort and reduce window openings.
Do not turn on all the lights if you do not need it at the moment. Place lamps and floor lamps with dark lampshades everywhere: the muffled light in the zone that you occupy will make it very cozy and small. Hang a chandelier above the dinner table, as the meal should be lit quite brightly.
Large space requires large pieces of furniture so that they do not get lost in the room. Even cushions should be big.

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