How to make a husband want a child

Do not push a man morally, do not spend with him boring hour-long conversations about how great it is to have children. And even more so do not roll up tantrums and do not go to blackmail. Such methods will not lead to a positive result, but you can cause the hostility of your man.
Praise your husband, appreciate his care and attention. Let the beloved sometimes hear the following phrases from you: “You will make a wonderful father” or “You are so attentive, I can imagine how you will be a dad.” Speak these words wholeheartedly and with admiration. Just do not overdo it, if you repeat them too often, they will become familiar and will simply fly past the ears of the spouse.
Visit with your husband friends and relatives who have small children. Communicating with strangers baby, with time wake up sleeping parental instincts. Therefore, it is likely that after another visit, the husband himself will start talking to you about the continuation of the race.
Contact your beloved parents, tell them about your desire to become a mother. It is possible that they have long dreamed of grandchildren. If so, ask them to talk to their son about wanting to become a grandparent. After all, it is possible that he is subconsciously waiting for the approval of the parents. And after talking with them, seriously think that it’s time to become a father.
Learn to wait, because it may be so - your man himself wants a child, but at this time he does not feel confident. The reason for this may be material difficulties, or he decided to achieve career growth and at this stage pushes aside. In any case, try to get into his position and let him know that together you will solve the most difficult problems. So once again you convince your spouse that he was not mistaken in the choice of his half and his mother's future karapuz.

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