How to make a deposit in the bank

You will need
  • - the Internet;
  • - phone
Decide on the currency of the deposit. Check in which of the banks of your city the best exchange rate, and exchange money in advance. In the bank in which you intend to open a deposit, it may not be the best exchange rate.
Decide on the term and type of deposit. Make a decision based on whether you plan to use the funds in the bank, or are ready to “freeze them” for the entire term of the deposit. Also note on rechargeable deposits. They will allow you to add extra cash to the main deposit.
Choose a bank. Special information portals on the Internet, such as, have the necessary information about the conditions offered by various commercial banks in the city.
Go to the bank site and select the branch that is most conveniently located. Most likely, you will be able to carry out most of your banking operations using ATMs, online banking, as well as in other branches and offices. But such important actions as opening and closing a deposit, writing powers of attorney, will have to carry it out in this department. Therefore, the bank office is better to choose as close as possible to the place of residence.
Call the bank branch of your choice and check the opening hours and the opportunity to open your chosen deposit. There is a risk that the information listed on the site will be inaccurate or outdated. In this case, a call to the bank will insure you from unpleasant surprises.
Prepare money and documents. In the bank before you need a passport in order to issue a contract. And then you will be invited to the cashier to make money. Therefore, put the document separately from the money, you have to get it in public. Count the money and put it in a separate envelope.
Carefully read the contract for opening a deposit, do not hesitate to ask the manager all your questions.

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