How to make a candlestick

Candlestick made of glass balls and CD

To create an original candlestick sparkling with rainbow highlights, you need to take an unnecessary CD and decorative glass beads. Balls need to stick tightly to each other and to the disk along its very edge. The second row of glass balls is glued on top of the first in staggered order.
It is possible to use both multi-colored decorative ornaments, and monophonic. Then each row can be made in one color, which will allow you to create a real color rainbow with a smooth transition of colors. Now it is enough to put a candle inside the craft and set fire to the wick. In the dark, such a lamp looks very impressive. Rows of balls should be enough to fit the length of the candle completely.

Candlestick from lampshade

Candlestick quickly enough to make from other scrap materials. Take the unnecessary not very large ceiling with an unrelief surface and glue over the pieces of ceramic tiles and mirrors.Using these details, you can create a colorful image in the form of a mosaic, and if there is a lot of multi-colored material, you can try to make a real picture. The seams between the tiles must be carefully putty putty.

Candle holders from glasses and glass jars

A beautiful candlestick can be made from ordinary glass. You need to cook a few dry twigs and break them up to the length of the glass, you can leave them natural or paint. Grease each sprig-stick with glue and press firmly to the glass. The branches are glued in a vertical row tightly to each other. To decorate and additionally fasten the elements will help satin ribbon, tied with a lush bow.
With the help of glass, you can make another candlestick. Salt mix with crushed graphite pencil or pastel desired color, you can make several servings of salt to get a few colors. On a glass, apply a strip of glue. Lower the processed part of the future candlestick into a container with salt of the desired color. Now you need to wait until the glue dries. The rest of the glass is similarly decorated.
Unusual candlesticks can be made from jars.Under the future candlestick, a case of knitted or sewn lace fabric is sewn, which leaves the neck and the upper part of the can open. You can simply wrap the fabric around a glued can. But here there is a chance that glue may ugly show through the matter. The neck itself is tied with a ribbon or twine. It is desirable that the candle was short, then the flame will shine beautifully through the patterned fabric.

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