How to keep the golden balance: health, money, time?

How to keep the golden balance: health, money, time?

How to keep the golden balance: health, money, time?

Where it came from and why it happened is a big mystery, but in our culture it is absolutely not accepted to react adequately to the alarming "bells" of the body. To the utmost, to complete loss of working capacity, we regularly go to work, fuss, solve some problems, do not forget and have fun, in a word, we keep up with civilization. In all this chaotic movement, we do not find a minute of time to ask ourselves one simple question: why is this all and who needs it? After all, we and no one else will have to pay for health spent on trifles. And we pay for our extravagance with the whole bunch of diseases of civilization, starting with chronic fatigue syndrome and ending with cardiovascular diseases.


Is it possible to take control of your life and organize it in such a way as to preserve the golden balance between the necessity and expediency of our daily actions? Obviously, yes. To do this, turn on your “banknote counter” and a wise inner voice.


Saving money and winning many times, bringing your lifestyle to a healthy one as much as possible, is easier than ever, observing everything — some simple rules.


No one will argue that homemade food is the most delicious. But not only ... It is also the most useful and, as you might guess, the cheapest. The main thing when buying products for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you yourself evaluate their quality, and therefore your own health is under your control.


Overseas fruits and vegetables attract, fascinate with its exotic. But are they useful? At best, they can only be harmless - most experts are sure of this. So why pay three to four times for dubious exotic, if you can buy the same apples of the local “spill” - tasty, fresh and very useful. This applies not only to vegetables and fruits, but in general to any food.


Choose a home holiday as an alternative to hikes in restaurants, bars, clubs. After all, how pleasant it is to gather your closest friends in a cozy home environment and spend a wonderful evening with them. And from the point of view of the safety of the family budget, this decision is the most rational.No one is talking about excluding “to the light” appearances at all. The question is whether you need to do this often.


To maintain a constant tone and good physical shape it is not necessary to attend expensive fitness clubs. A trip out of town in the summer, a ski trip in the winter, or a daily morning jog is a worthy substitute for exhausting exercises on the simulators.


And finally, a medical examination. We remember the existence of doctors only when the disease is already progressing. But so that our “sores” do not become a surprise, it is much easier for prophylactic purposes at least once every six months to ascertain the condition of your body at the doctor. This simple tactical step can prevent the occurrence of the disease in advance and take urgent measures to cure it.


Undoubtedly, all of the above is not a universal set of recipes. Many have their own methods and methods, perhaps more effective. Just try to do everything rationally and in a timely manner, and this will give excellent results. You will save both money and time, and your precious health.

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