How to look spectacular in a gray dress

You will need
  • - silver jewelry; - bright accessories.
Gray color is presented in a wide range of different shades. Pearl, metal, "smoky" tones allow each girl to choose the material to taste. To make the dress look beautiful and spectacular, and not boring, try to choose the right shade that emphasizes eye color or skin tone.
Gray refers to neutral tones, so it can be combined with a variety of accessories in style, shape and color. The gray dress of an elegant classical style perfectly is suitable also for secular parties, and for work at office. The same thing may look different if you use different accessories. This often helps out when there is no time or opportunity to change clothes.
Gray color looks great in combination with pale pink. These shades make the image romantic and sophisticated. To create a brighter suit fit red colors. The ideal option are accessories scarlet shades: scarf, scarf, shoes and handbag. The combination of a gray dress and black lace looks very impressive.
An excellent option for work and walking around the city is a knitted gray dress, which can have an unobtrusive pattern in the box. A little different should be a party dress. For the disco is better to wear a satin outfit pearl pearl or silver tones. Accessories fit large and bright.
To make a gray dress look as stylish as possible, do not wear gold jewelry, give preference to silver or white gold inlaid with pearls, turquoise, rose quartz or blue topaz. An excellent winter option would be a combination of a gray wool dress and high boots with a steady heel. You can add an image with a belt or a belt.
An important detail to create a spectacular image are tights. Together with a gray dress, the stockings of bright colors look beautiful. As a stricter version, you can take black or gray tights. Pay attention, if you want to choose gray tights to the side, together with the light dress you need to wear dark products and vice versa, you should take light tights to the clothes of the “wet asphalt” shade.

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