How to look much younger than their years?

Age of the girl - this is not an indicator that should excite the stronger sex. But if in your heart you are always 18, and you want to meet this wonderful age externally, then find out what to do to look younger than your age.

Internal age - out

If in your soul you are a mischievous girl, then do not hide this image for seriousness. And let you today - businesswoman and mother. It does not interfere with being fun, easy-going and slightly windy. Do not let the routine absorb you and do not let the burden of everyday worries fall on your shoulders. Do crazy things to keep your soul always young.

Take everything with dignity

Youth around

To look younger, you need to feel young. And to achieve this, you need to find the right social circle. When choosing friends do not consider such a criterion as age. If you are interested in chatting with someone younger than you, this is great! This means that your opponent is interested in you.By the way, to find new interesting acquaintances, you can sign up for some courses.

Stop talking with old school friends, of course, not worth it. But there are those who constantly whine and complain about life. Try to correct them or limit such communication. If you constantly take part in solving other people's problems and listen to complaints, this will only add wrinkles.

Take care of yourself

Even if you’re 18 in your heart, but you don’t care for yourself, you’ll look younger. The basic rules of care for eternal youth and beauty:

  • Watch out for the figure. If the body is fit and slim, then you will look sexy and, of course, young. Exercise, do not overeat, regularly carry out procedures for weight loss.
  • Watch your skin. That she often gives the age of a woman, so pay special attention to care. Choose suitable means: cream with lifting effect, moisturizing cream, nourishing masks, scrub, washing lotion, remedy for bags and circles under the eyes and so on. And remember that not only the skin of the face needs care, but also the skin of the hands and the whole body! By the way, to choose the ideal means, you can ask for the help of an experienced cosmetologist.And one more thing: protect your skin from the sun, as the excess of ultraviolet radiation makes it very old.
  • Watch for hygiene. Youth is freshness and purity, so take a shower regularly. Use shower gels with a moisturizing effect so that the skin is always firm and tender. A daily douche will make it more resilient and elastic.
  • Visit the spa or spa treatments at home. One day of such procedures will get rid of at least five years.

Proper nutrition

Enjoy life

How to eat a woman to look younger?

  • Eat often but in small portions.
  • Refuse from fried, fat, excessively salty, flour, and also from semi-finished products.
  • Do not eat after 6-7 pm.
  • Do not forget to have breakfast!
  • Do not eat on the go.
  • Include in your diet foods that keep you young. These include: red fish (salmon, sturgeon, and so on), nuts, cereals and whole grains, cottage cheese, vegetable oils (especially olive), berries and fruits, vegetables, legumes, cabbage, greens, seafood.

Healthy lifestyle

Get rid of all bad habits! Remember that banal smoking greatly spoils the skin and blood vessels.The amount of alcohol is also better to limit. Walk more in the fresh air and lead an active lifestyle.

No stress!

We all know that nerve cells are not restored, and stress is a big burden for the body, premature aging and additional wrinkles. Therefore, to look younger, just do not be nervous.

Choose stylish things

To do this, do not communicate with people who are unpleasant to you, do not enter into conflicts, argue less, do not participate in gossip and intrigue and do not take everything to heart. If you have a nervous job, better change it. If the nerves are already “shaken,” consult with your doctor about taking sedatives.

Correct rest

How to look younger than his years? Need to properly relax!

  • First, do not plan any big deals for the weekend. Devote these days to yourself and your family. You can clean, wash and cook in the middle of the week. And engage households for help.
  • Secondly, pay attention to sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, go to bed no later than 22: 00-23: 00 hours. Ventilate the room, turn off the TV and close the windows with curtains so that nothing distracts you.
  • Thirdly, take a rest actively.Go hiking, going for a walk or into the woods for mushrooms, it is more useful than watching TV.

Correct image

Do the right makeup

The image of an attractive young woman consists of several important components:

  1. Hairstyle and hair color. Too short haircuts can add a few years, so give them up. Hairstyle should be stylish and fashionable and at the same time fit you. Cut the bangs, this will make the face more fresh. If the hair is thin, give it a volume. When choosing a hair color, stop at brighter tones, but not on blond shades.
  2. Makeup. Proper makeup can help in 50 years to look 30 and even younger. There are several important rules. First, find a suitable corrective tool that will hide all your flaws. But remember that it should fall flat and thin so as not to make the face heavier. Secondly, give preference to a natural make-up. Give up the bright tones, they are aging. Third, give preference to liquid cosmetics, dry may spoil the skin and emphasize wrinkles. Fifth, pay special attention to lips and eyes. The lips should always be moisturized and the eyes expressive.
  3. Clothing.Give up too loose loose clothes, forget about incomprehensible things that are not related to any stylistic direction. Choose your style. It should not be too young, in 40 years it will look ridiculous. But such styles as country, casual, vamp, safari, ethnic or vintage are fine and make your look bright. It is important to choose the right length of clothing. If you have slender legs, show them, but do not open much. The optimal length will be just above the knees. The length to the knees is universal. Long dresses and skirts can also be bright and elegant. Also, select the appropriate colors. It is better to refuse too bright and “acidic”, they will look ridiculous. Suitable such as white, black, blue, emerald green, coral, blue, purple, red, burgundy, cherry and some others. Avoid colorful and frilly prints, give preference to calm patterns.
  4. Accessories. Properly selected accessories can make the image bright, mysterious and unusual. Pay attention to small bags (large ones should be abandoned), elegant belts, and neckerchiefs.

Some tips

Useful tips:

  • Watch your gaze. It should not be tired or extinct.
  • Create your mood, always think about the good.
  • Choose the right perfume. The aroma should not be too tart and heavy. Prefer fruit or floral notes. But too sweet flavors will not do.

Be always young, sexy and attractive!

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