How to learn to deal with sleepiness?

Drowsiness ... How much is in this word! The constant desire to reach the pillow, to cover your eyes and immerse yourself in the arms of Morpheus. All problems disappear there, a feeling of peace and tranquility arises. Of course, this is all true, but only not when you need to be awake actively!

But this hated drowsiness arises at the most inappropriate moment - at work, for an important conversation or, even better, at the wheel. Every person is probably familiar with this problem, because the pace of modern life imposes its own rules on us, while good rest and sleep are wealth that is not accessible to everyone. And very vain!

Want to learn how to deal with absorbing sleepiness? This problem can and must be fought, especially since it is quite real. Let's figure it out. Why is there, at first glance, a gratuitous feeling of sleepiness? In fact, there are always reasons.

And, of course, the very first and main thing is that your body simply does not get enough rest for it.Perhaps you are so busy with things that you simply do not notice how you sacrifice your own sleep every day, without thinking about how important and necessary it is for your body.

As a result, an unfulfilled feeling of fatigue builds up and twists, like a snowball that pours out into your bad mood, daily circles under your eyes and not passing fatigue. This condition not only affects your health, but also on health.

By the way, about health. Constant fatigue, drowsiness during a full night’s sleep can be symptoms of serious illness. If these symptoms also add weight problems, brittle nails and general malaise, then you may want to consult an endocrinologist and check the hormones of your thyroid gland.

Also, chronic sleepiness and fatigue may indicate liver or kidney problems, elevated blood sugar or pressure problems. Therefore, if even with a full sleep and the absence of strenuous everyday life, you still continue to pursue a feeling of constant sleepiness, you should probably seek help from a doctor and check your body.

Ways to help fight sleepiness

There are methods that can produce a short-term effect, which is very convenient when sleep overcomes, for example, at work, at lectures or driving a car, when the concentration of attention should be even higher than usual.

For these purposes, there are several of the most popular ways, and having a cup of coffee is one of them. In the same offices or universities, he became a cult drink at all, which some unique people can drink almost every 15-20 minutes. This, of course, is wrong.

Coffee, although it has a stimulating effect in fact, it is important to know that after a small tide of forces, as a result, their even greater decline will follow, which is even harder to fight. If you grab hold of another cup of coffee again, you can overpower the body with caffeine, resulting in insomnia or, even worse, heart problems.

What then to do? Coffee in small quantities is a way out of the situation, but it is even better to try encouraging soft drinks, for example, herbal tea with ginger or even plain mineral water mixed with lemon juice.

These ingredients are able to accelerate the metabolism, and, therefore, contribute to the "awakening" and concentration of the body. The same effect has cinnamon, green tea and cocoa, which, by the way, you can replace your favorite coffee.

There are, of course, various kinds of energy drinks that can help out in difficult and hopeless situations, but remember that they harm your health and even cause addiction, and therefore try to resort to their help as rarely as possible.

Strangely enough, but a short sleep, literally, in 20-30 minutes can help you cheer up. If you feel that you are literally falling from your feet, then arrange yourself such a daytime sleep, it can even be carried out at lunchtime directly at the workplace.

Throw back all the problems and concerns, take a comfortable position, relax your tie, or take off uncomfortable shoes and immerse yourself in nirvana for half an hour. Even if you can not take a nap, then such a short rest will allow you to be filled with energy and vigor.

They are rescued by fresh air, exercise, and a touch of cold water. If you feel that you are falling asleep at the workplace, then go to the window, breathe oxygen, and if you can, leave the office at all and walk through the fresh air for at least 10-15 minutes.

How to deal with constant sleepiness?

If the lack of sleep and constant lethargy - your two true companions in life, then it is necessary to change something, most likely, the daily routine. However simple and banal it may sound, but in order not to feel sleepy all the time, it is necessary to get a good and proper sleep. Like this? We will now tell.

  • The basic rule of a vigorous and healthy person is a sound sleep and a sufficient amount of it is necessary. Normal adult sleep should be about 7-8 hours. If you do not have such an opportunity at night, then try, at least a couple of hours, to devote to sleep during the day. If you are suffering from insomnia, then try to drink already in bed a little warm milk with honey or take before going to bed a warm bath with salt and aromatic oils.
  • The next important tip is to watch for sleep conditions. It is important that you feel comfortable, this is the only way you can get complete relaxation, and, as a result, recuperation and good spirits. Scientists have found that it is better to fall asleep and sleep in a room whose temperature is several degrees lower than usual. To do this, you can leave the window or balcony open, if cool, then take cover with a warm blanket. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to forgive.
  • Correctly wake up.It's not so easy to get rid of the remnants of sleep and jump on the first call of the alarm clock, so, you, most likely, will feel broken all day. After the signal, you should not immediately try to crawl out of bed: allow yourself 5 more minutes to soak up, stretch, and only then rise. Then take 10 minutes of morning exercises, because this is another guarantee of a vigorous day.
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