How to learn to accept gifts

I myself went through all these sensations, so I’m happy to share my experience and tell you how to make the gifts finally bring a sense of joy, not grief. Let's take a look at the three main reasons for which awkwardness occurs when receiving gifts.

Reason number 1. You are afraid that you will have to give something in return for a gift.

Many since childhood inspired the idea that gifts, especially girls, just are not made. That this is always a prepayment or an attempt to buy a location and a good attitude. As a result, the girls begin to shy away from the gifts as the devil from the incense, depriving the joy of himself and the one who makes the gift.

Yes, of course, there are men who believe that they should have something for dinner at a restaurant, but such men show their rotten nature almost immediately, and it is better not to communicate with them. A normal man, when he gives a gift, simply shows in such a way that he likes the girl, and just wants to make her happy.

What to do?

Accept a gift and thank you, but in no case should you be anxious to "compensate" the donor for its value. If you are experiencing a strong discomfort because of a gift, then you can later make a reciprocal, purely symbolic, pleasant gesture.

How to learn to accept gifts

Reason number 2. You do not want to seem mercantile

Many girls, having listened to the unflattering epithets addressed to those who buy expensive items and give smart gifts, are afraid to be in the ranks of mercantile women who only need money from men. They are trying with all their might to show that they are “not like that”, they don’t need any gifts or courtship, if only the man will understand that they love him not for his financial capabilities, but for what a person he really is.

The case is, of course, commendable, but only in an effort to prove their disinterest in gifts, you can easily overstep the stick. Rejecting gifts over and over again, you will one day make a man think that you are rejecting him. He decides that he bothers you with his attention, and will simply disappear, leaving you in perplexity.

What to do?

Just relax and take gifts. If a man voluntarily indulges you, it means that he no longer belongs to the category of greedy men who see a mercantile stink in every second woman.It means that he treats you well and considers gifts to be a completely normal manifestation of his feelings.

Reason number 3. You think that you do not deserve it.

It so happens that the gift seems too expensive, too chic. If a girl is not accustomed to receiving expensive gifts, was happy about any little things, then an expensive gift, of course, can confuse. False modesty is included, phrases are used in the course: “Well, why waste so much?”, “It's too expensive!”, “I can't accept such an expensive thing.”

If you repeat these phrases very often, the donor may at some point believe it and come to the conclusion that you really do not deserve all of his gifts, and will go looking for the one that will be glad of his gifts.

What to do?

We often treat ourselves too critically, we think that we are not so smart, beautiful, successful, interesting, than it really is. People around see it differently, and if someone found you worthy of a chic gift, then believe me, the way it is! Thank, tell me that you have long dreamed of such a gift and are very glad that you met a person who understands you so well.

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