How to learn OKATO?

Anna Kazakova
Anna Kazakova
January 15, 2013
How to learn OKATO?

When you first have to fill in your tax return yourself, in addition to other data, you are required to indicate the code for the All-Russian Classifier of administrative-territorial entities. Abbreviated OKATO. This is not some kind of your personal code, but a code of a territorial entity. Therefore, to find out it is quite simple, it is enough to know the address.

For organizations

More often OKATO need to know not private individuals, but firms. Need to indicate okato organization? How to recognize it by location? Easily. This can be done, for example, on the site "". Let's write the procedure in steps.

  • Step 1. Go to the site ""
  • Step 2. On the site, select the section "Electronic Services"
  • Step 3. In the section choose "Fill payment order"
  • Step 4. Ignore the request to write your con IFS, click the button "Next"
  • Step 5. Enter in the appropriate lines all the necessary data (region, city, street) of the company's legal address
  • Step 6. The system automatically gives you your OKATO.

For individuals

Often, individuals have to look for the same information. How do you know OKATO code for them? With this, too, no problems should arise. Private individuals do everything the same. Just enter not the legal address of the company, and your residential address. Similarly, the system will issue you the OKATO code.

For some reason you can not use the tax site to calculate OKATO? How to recognize it in other ways? - you ask. We answer. Since OKATO is often required to complete the 3NDFL declaration, information about it can be found on the same site. There is also all the information that may be required to fill out the declaration.

By the way, usually in the buildings of tax inspections in the cities there are special terminals.

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