How to protect strawberries from rot?

Gray rot- A fungus that affects the whole plant of strawberries. The leaves form dark gray spots, peduncles and petioles become brown and rot. On the berries, weeping spots appear, they increase every day and tighten the berries with a gray cannon. Fluffy bloom is a mushroom spore. Even with a light touch, spores fly around, spreading the disease further. Berries become tasteless, flabby, watery.

To collect a good harvest, even in a rainy wet summer, you need to take care of your favorite culture in advance.

  • Planted varieties of strawberries resistant to diseases, especially against gray rot.
  • Do not thicken your landing.
  • Plant strawberry bushes in well-lit and ventilated beds.
  • In the spring, remove, burn dry dead leaves.
  • Do not overdose organic and nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Loosen the soil, keep the beds clean, free of weed-parasites.
  • During budding, it is permissible to treat the plants with a fungicide (follow the instructions). Do not process strawberries during flowering.
  • Dust bushes and soil around with ashes or lime-fluff (1st tablespoon per bush). Do this when the ovary appears.
  • Use coasters (they are on sale in stores) under the flower stalks so that the berries do not lie on the ground. You can mulch the soil in rows with straw, sawdust, pine needles, peat.
  • After harvesting, you can once again process the berry plantation fungicide.

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