How to insure a pet?

If your pet is a full-fledged and beloved family member for you, then you are probably afraid of losing him and are worried about his health and condition. To get rid of such fears, you can insure a pet. But how to do that?

Who can be insured?

In general, you can insure almost any pet, ranging from the most common and popular dogs and cats and ending with representatives of cattle. It may be difficult to insure wild and exotic animals, since their living conditions are far from natural and ideal, which increases the likelihood of insured events.

In addition, most insurance companies do not undertake to issue an insurance policy for small rodents, since, in general, they do not live long and often suffer from various diseases and injuries.

For any pets, insurance companies have certain requirements:

  • Age. It can not be less than 2-3 months and more than 6-8 years.But specific boundaries are determined based on the type of animal and its features.
  • The presence of pet documents, such as a veterinary passport, certificate of receipt of the necessary vaccinations. Some insurance companies require documents confirming that the animal has a pedigree, belonging to an elite breed, participating in exhibitions and competitions, as well as club documents.
  • The designation of a specific pet value. If it is not specified in the documents, then an expert evaluator can determine it. The price of insurance will depend on the value of the animal.
  • Accommodations. They must be appropriate and appropriate to the pet breed.

You can not insure a pet suffering from an incurable disease, as well as an animal that is in the quarantine zone (this applies to the inhabitants of farms and private farms).

From what to insure?

What is insurance for? To protect your pet from unforeseen incidents and common risks. These include:

  • Various diseases, but only infectious, since in the presence of genetic and congenital diseases insurance will be impossible.
  • Pet Owner LiabilityIn this case, insurance applies to all cases of injury to third party insured animals. That is, for example, if your dog spoils someone else's property, the damage to the owner will be reimbursed by the insurance company. But the damage will not be reimbursed in situations in which the pet was clearly provoked.
  • Illegal actions by third parties. That is, if someone injures your pet, the insurance company will pay the damage.
  • Unforeseen situations while traveling or on long journeys.
  • Injuries sustained under various circumstances.
  • Thefts and abductions. If your pet is kidnapped, the insurance company will pay damages.
  • Death in any accident, such as hitting a car, natural disasters (lightning, flood, etc.), as well as deliberate killing.
  • We should also write about veterinary care. Formally, it does not apply to insurance, but it is often issued together with an insurance policy. This includes medical care, but often incomplete, but only partial (for example, a percentage of the total invoice issued by the clinic). Full maintenance will be very expensive.

How to do it?

How is pet insurance? It is carried out in several stages:

  1. First you need to find an insurance company that provides this service. Unfortunately, in small towns there are not many of them.
  2. Then select the appropriate option and thoroughly study the contract. Determine the terms of insurance. Usually they range from 6-12 months. Pay special attention to the responsibilities of the owner of the insured pet, since the amount of payments and their terms, as well as some other important points will depend on his actions. In addition, do not forget to study the terms of payments and obligations of the insurer, it is no less important.
  3. Provide all necessary documents.
  4. Make a payment and sign the contract.

How is the cost of insurance premium determined?

The cost of the premium will depend entirely on the size of the insured amount, that is, the amount that the insurer undertakes to pay, subject to the insured event. And she, in turn, will depend on several important factors.

The first is the pet's stated value. The second is a set of risks. The more of them and the larger they are, the more impressive the contribution will be.Also, the size of the amount is influenced by other factors, such as the conditions of the pet, the characteristics of exploitation (if it is cattle) and the purpose of the animal (for example, there are dairy and beef breeds of cows).

Also, the cost may include payment for the services of the agent-insurer, the veterinarian who conducted the inspection, and the appraiser. The total amount can vary from 500 to 15-30 thousand rubles.

Insurance can be paid either in a lump sum or in installments (for example, monthly or quarterly).

The actions of the owner of the animal in the insured event

To receive payments, you must follow the rules set by the insurance company. Here are some possible:

  1. If the animal is injured, you must give it first aid.
  2. If the animal has died, you may have to save his remains and give them to the insurance company employees.
  3. If harm was caused to the pet by third parties, then immediately contact the law enforcement agencies, and also try to find witnesses to the incident, their testimony may be required for damages.
  4. When an insured event occurs, you must notify the insurance company as soon as possible. Any delay can be a reason for refusing to compensate for the damage.
  5. If the pet is injured or ill, immediately contact a veterinary clinic. The examining veterinarian must issue you with a certificate confirming the presence of the disease or injury.
  6. Be prepared for the fact that you have to prove your case in controversial situations, including in court. And in this case, you may need the help of witnesses.
  7. An important duty of the owner of the insured animal is to provide proper and complete care. And if employees of the insurance company consider that such care is inadequate, you may be denied compensation.
  8. If you know who caused the damage to the animal, tell the staff.

If you decide to insure your pet, then learn the pros and cons and make a deliberate decision.

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