How to install batteries in the apartment

You will need
  • -key;
  • -radiator
Modern heaters are delivered to the installation site in an individual protective packaging. It is necessary to put them in it. And it is removed only after all the finishing work. Starting to install the battery, screw the radiator caps and the plug, and also install the stop and thermostatic valves. Stop valves are needed to separate your radiator from the general heating system. That in turn allows you to make repairs without losses. Plugs do not allow leaks.
Mark the wall, based on the parameters of your battery. In these places you will need to install brackets for direct fastening of the radiator. They are attached to the wall with dowels. Then seal all these fasteners with cement so that they do not fly out. It is necessary to hang the radiator on the brackets so that their hooks are between the battery sections.
The radiator itself is connected to the central heating system with a pipe wrench. After you connect them, you can remove the film from the battery. In some cases, you need to do a hood. As a rule, this is necessary in cases where the batteries are made of aluminum.
When installing batteries yourself, keep in mind that you need to comply with a number of safety requirements. In particular, batteries should not be placed too low. The ideal distance from the floor to the radiator should be not less than 100 mm, but not more than 150 mm. Also, do not install the battery too close to the wall, otherwise the heat transfer will be reduced. The distance from the window sill to the battery must also be kept. This gap should be equal to at least 75% of the radiator depth. Also, experts do not recommend closing the battery with a dense cap - panels, curtains, etc. This not only reduces heat transfer, but also distorts the operation of the device. Which in turn will lead to its rapid wear.

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