How to install an agent in a mobile phone

You will need
  • Mobile phone with internet access,
  • a computer.
First you need to find the version of the messenger Agent.Mail, which is suitable for your phone. First of all, go to the developer agent site to check for the presence of a mobile version suitable for your phone. If not, try searching for the required version on the Internet or use the version for the model located next to a specific line of phones. The file must be in the .jar format, less often - .jad (for mobile phones), .sis - for smartphones with the Symbian operating system, .apk - for smartphones with the Android operating system, .cab - for smartphones with the Windows Mobile operating system, it may also be located in a .rar or .zip format folder.
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To use the agent, it is necessary to pre-configure the Internet connection convenient for you on the phone.
Helpful advice
The quickest way to download the correct version of the Agent is by ordering an SMS on the website to your phone number, which will contain a download link.

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