How to install a concrete fence

For the arrangement of concrete fencing today most often used ready-made decorative blocks in the form of reinforced concrete slabs, plus specially cast pillars. At the same time there is a huge number of options for registration of plates (panels), incl. and in shades. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a fence, which in form and color will be the closest to the style of your home.

Preparation and markup

It should be immediately noted that the successful and quick installation of a concrete fence requires efforts of 2-3 people. The level of the fence should be the same throughout the entire perimeter, so before work it is necessary to examine the location of the future fence, including ground relief. If necessary, it needs to be leveled: cut the bumps, fill the grooves. The marking of the territory is done with a cord and tape measure. After planning in the locations of the pillars you need to dig holes (depth 0.5 m), the size of which should exceed the thickness of the column by 6-8 cm.From materials and tools you will need:
- shovels;
- scrap;
- cement and sand;
- crushed stone (red brick can be broken);
- building level;
- cord.

Installation of fencing

There are several ways to install a concrete fence. The first method involves the use of templates. First, the pillars are installed, filled with gravel and leveled by level. At the same time make sure that the pillars were dug to the same depth; This can be achieved with a flat rail (narrow board), the length of which exceeds the distance between the pillars, and the building level. Then the wells are filled with sand-cement mortar (3: 1). At the same time between the posts in the grooves of the top, bottom inserted slats, the length of which corresponds to the length of the concrete panel. The finished "construction" is left for 2-3 days for complete drying. Then you can remove the slats and insert concrete panels into the grooves.
The second method involves installation in sections, i.e. both pillars and panels are put at the same time. After the wells are ready, a pillar is placed in one of them, filled with rubble. Next, a panel is installed in the groove, under which any suitable material is inserted, for example, a brick.The entire system is level, then the well is filled with a solution. When everything is dry, you can install a second pillar, etc. In summer, the complete drying of the solution under the columns takes at least 3 days. In conclusion, you can coat the fence with primer and paint.

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