How to increase sales using goods display

Place your product in the part of the store in which it will be more in demand. Most people come to the store, not knowing exactly what brand of goods they want to buy. The decision is made on the spot, so the correct location actively influences the buyer's decision.
Place the goods inside the “golden triangle”. This is a space bounded by straight lines that can be drawn from the entrance to the desired product and from the latter to the cash register On the way, the buyer becomes familiar with the assortment of the store and makes purchases that were not planned.
Choose a golden shelf for your product. And for each product it will be its own. How to find out which of the shelves you need? First of all, you need to determine the target audience and, based on this, calculate the height at which it is better to place the goods. Please note that more attention is paid to products placed 15-20 cm below eye level.
Refer to the experience of competitors.Before deciding exactly where your product will be, look at how they place a similar product. To increase the number of sales it is absolutely necessary that your product stand out from the rest and attract the attention of the buyer.
When laying out the goods, pay attention to the psychological characteristics of the person. Consider the fact that the buyer in the search for the right product directs his eyes to how he read a book with an epigraph. Those. first his eyes look to the upper right corner, then move to the lower left and then move from left to right. If you consider this, then the chances of sales will increase.
Place a little-known product within the line of already known product of the same brand. For example, if your company has released a new product, then it is best to place it between products already known to your customer. A positive attitude towards them can be transferred to an unknown product.

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